Hello, everyone! I know I haven’t updated this space for a really long time but I have been quite busy and sometimes, even uninspired. I have a couple of posts drafted but I haven’t been able to finish them up just because I have been really tired and lethargic lately. I want to blame it on Ramadhan but I honestly don’t know what happened to me. I’ve been going to work almost every single day and haven’t done much after office hours, other than of course, watching Korean dramas and joining Twitter discussions. This Ramadhan has been a huge blessing for me because for once, I decided to not only dress better but work on my relationships with people and see my friends more often. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been buying pretty clothes and make-up, seeing my friends more often and trying to keep up with my Deen by reciting the Quran. I also wrote a piece for ZALORA Magazine, here’s the link if you want to check it out.

July is coming up in a few days, which is crazy! How are we halfway through the year already? It feels like I was in Seoul just yesterday! July, for me means, enrolling in a new educational programme. I will be pursuing my ACCA part time, at Sunway College. It has been a long time coming. A lot of my peers are already back in school and getting through the first semester of Degree, and it feels weird to be the odd one out. It feels weird to not go through my educational career the conventional way but I’m also happy with my decision. I’ve been working at a tax firm lately so I’ve been gaining a lot of experience, which is just as important as a formal education.

I don’t think you will be seeing me again anytime soon, I’ll try my best to do what I can to come out with more blog posts for you guys but I’m sure I’ll be very busy this month with trying to settle at a new institution, among other things. I still have yet to register as a voter, for the upcoming general elections! That’s another thing to add to my list of things to do! If you want to find me, you can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I haven’t been posting on Instagram much either because I haven’t had anything exciting or less mundane to share but my Insta-stories can get pretty wild sometimes (lol not really). I am, indeed, very active on Twitter so you can always hop on over!

PS. Selamat Hari Raya!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi




It is officially May 2017 and that means it’s my birthday month! Birthdays are some of my favourite things to celebrate, especially when I’m being showered by my favourite brands (thanks loyalty programmes!). While I wait to redeem free movie tickets from GSC and a birthday gift from Sephora, I thought I should make a birthday wishlist. These are just some of the things I don’t mind receiving, even though I know the only person who’s gonna gift me these things is myself. I am very into make-up and skincare, we all know this. And now that I’m earning my own money and I can afford a few things myself, I’ve become addicted! There’s just something about skincare and make-up that makes my heart leap with joy, especially when I see some of the most beautiful swatches in the world. It’s a love affair for sure! I have a few luxury items in here too, things that are pretty out of reach but I like to dream anyway. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the list.

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Neogen is a very popular skincare brand in South Korea for its very innovative products like their cleansing pads, real fresh cleansers, sunscreen sticks and more. Last year, they collaborated with Charlotte Cho, who runs Soko Glam, The Klog and wrote The Little Book of Skincare, to come out with a cleansing stick. Since I really trust Charlotte Cho’s insight about the world of beauty, when she revealed the cleansing stick and gave a brief on it on The Klog, I was 100% sold. It went straight into my k-beauty wishlist and it was the first thing I bought when I arrived in Seoul in December.

So, what are my thoughts on it? Let’s start with a product background.

The concept behind this product is a travel-friendly cleanser with a low pH that could be more effective at removing make-up and helping with inflammation and acne. This product is supposed to be so gentle that it doesn’t strip away most of your natural oils, doesn’t leave your skin dry and tight and almost eliminate the need for double cleansing. It should also help with gentle exfoliation with the presence of real green tea leaves in the cleansing stick. I know, everything about this sounds super dreamy and ideal, almost too dreamy to be true.

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Body image is a pretty evident issue among society, especially among young girls, all thanks to the beauty standards that the society put on us. The fashion and beauty industry play a huge part in making us feel like we’re not enough, only to sell their clothes and beauty products. At some point, you might even think fashion isn’t for you because you don’t fit their beauty standard. I had to deal with a lot of body image issues when I was a teenager, mostly because I got fat-shamed a lot.

When I was younger, I was always bigger than my peers and in return, I got fat shamed a lot. Like, a lot. I was never really aware of my body until I was around 14 years old. This was when I started dating and got interested in boys. And let me just say, boys are mean. If someone ever tells you that boys are mean to you because they like you, call that bullshit out because it’s not true. Boys are mean because they’re just that. Mean! You have no idea how many times I’ve been called fat by my peers during my teenage years. Even when they didn’t mean it in a bad way, even when they thought they were being helpful, even when they thought they were trying to motivate me into losing weight, all of that was fat shaming in my opinion. The reason to this is, I wasn’t actually fat back then. Heck, I’m three times the size I was then and I’m still not fat. A little big but not fat, you know what I mean? It was just horrible. I was constantly on the look out for the best way to diet, the best way to exercise. I was constantly on and off a diet regime and it was just exhausting! It was especially emotionally exhausting! Heck, I remember a boyfriend I had back then telling me that I was fat and I need to lose weight and that definitely messed with my head a little. I was 18!

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When I was 15 years old, I would get pesky little whiteheads so I don’t think I’ve ever had clear skin from that point on. I would get more and more pimples as the days went by and it wasn’t until my Mom told me I should see a doctor that I realize I have an acne problem. I was 16 years old and I knew nothing about skincare. It didn’t help that my Mom wasn’t a skincare pro either so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do about my skin and what works. So, at the age of 16, I started seeing a dermatologist.

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When I was a kid, my Dad got me glasses because the optometrist said I was short-sighted. He even got me one of those strings to put on your glasses so I didn’t lose them. Yeah, the ones Phua Chu Kang’s mom wears. I never thought glasses were cool, especially at a single digit age where all I wanted was to look like Lizzie Mcguire. When I was around 15 years old, I couldn’t see the whiteboard so I went to the optometrist again and she said I have astigmatism. So, I got another pair of glasses. A few months later, I stopped wearing them because I thought I could see just fine without it.

Now, at the age of 21, I am 100% sure that I need glasses because I can’t see clearly. I think it’s astigmatism instead of short/long-sightedness. I just can’t see things very clearly when it’s really bright. It’s really not that bad because I can still read and decipher things but now that I’m working on the computer 8 hours a day, watching something on it at home and looking at my phone almost 24/7, I think it’s only going to get worse. It’s also getting really dangerous for me to drive because my eyes would sometimes water when it’s too bright out and I wouldn’t be able to see that well.

So, glasses it is.

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I’m always late on beauty trends (because I’m not a beauty blogger) but when I do get to try them, I like to give my two cents. The Etude House Double Lasting Foundation is a product that I’ve been wanting to try until I visited Seoul and picked up my own bottle. I tried it out straight away, in the cold and dry winter air and came back to test it out in the heat and humidity. I thought it would be helpful if I provide you with my thoughts and opinions on it so let’s jump right into it.

The one thing I remember about this foundation when I picked it up was that it has really good coverage, and I agree, it definitely has decent coverage. I like to gradually build up my coverage so what I love about this product is that it starts out as pretty light-medium coverage then as you build it up, it can go as far as medium-full coverage. This depends on how much you apply the product and whether you apply it with a brush or a make-up sponge. I’ve tried both methods and I definitely think you’ll be able to achieve better coverage with a make-up sponge, especially if you dot it on your face and stamp it around with the sponge. With that said, this has medium-full buildable coverage. Of course, this depends on how much coverage you need, how much you would typically apply etc.

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For the past week, I’ve been seeing enticing photos of a new burger joint in town. The presentation reminded me of In N Out, which definitely intrigued me and the burgers were mouth-watering. Since I always love myself a good gourmet burger, I decided to check the place out.

This new burger joint is called Canard Restaurant and serves burgers and salads. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by a clean and minimal layout with white walls and blue ceilings. It’s very bright and nicely lit when the sun is out, perfect for selfies and flatlays. It’s an open kitchen so you’ll see a grill and a fryer with a salad/topping bar. Something you would usually see at sandwich shops like Subway. Orders and payments are made at the counter and your burger/salad of choice will be served at your table.

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