If there’s anything that made my parents forbid any of us from getting a pet, it would be the poop. I am 100% sure that if my parents had let me get the rabbit I wanted when I was little, the last person who would clear out the poop would be me.

When it was time to buy the litter, my Dad volunteered without a word. He just went out, bought a small tray, laid out some cat litter and put it in the cage. The next time he bought another pack of litter (that thing runs out like nobody’s business!), he asked me what kind of litter he should get.

Well, apparently, there are three types of litter you can choose from. Crystal litter, clay litter and wood litter. Obviously, wood litter would be the most organic and crystal litter would be the least organic. However, with crystal litters, you can get rid of the odor more efficiently. Thankfully, I’m not as worried about the odor than I am about scooping it out.

By the end of the day, I chose clay litter because it’s cheaper so it’s light on the wallet. I think it’s the closest thing you can get to nature, for a sustainable price. With clay litter, you can choose between clumping and non-clumping. Obviously, they all have their pros and cons but as I read about them online, I decided the clumping one is better because it will clump to any kind of liquid and become solid. So, when it’s time for you to scoop it out, you don’t have to worry about icky stuff.

Look at him at only a week old. Couldn’t get enough of the litter, he actually fell asleep in the (fresh and clean) litter.

When I was watching litter tutorials, I saw that you would need a scoop to take out the poop. I used a sand shovel at first because I am a cheapskate. Then, I just thought I should jump the gun and buy a proper litter scoop with holes in them so it would be easier to filter the litter from the poop. The litter scoop made my life 3 times easier.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

Picture of litter does not belong to me, I got it from Google

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