A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Astro to fly all the way to Kuala Lumpur and attend the Juara Parodi press conference at Hard Rock Cafe. At the press conference, there were a bunch of celebrities who I did not expect to see and meet.


This year in particular, I feel that Astro Warna has definitely stepped up their game in terms of the quality of their shows and the members of the shows. Never have I ever had my entire week scheduled for a number of different shows on the same channel. Shows like Super Spontan All Stars and Buana Oh Buana have really captured my heart and with this new show, I am looking forward to more greatness from Astro.


Juara Parodi is a new music and comedy reality TV show showing on Astro Warna starting November 6th, at 10PM on every Friday for 10 consecutive weeks. It is a show where comedians and singers are teamed up to make the best parody of an assigned song, with an assigned genre and they will be given a different theme for each week. As an example, they might be given Patriotism as the theme of the week so they have to change the lyrics to the songs assigned to each of them with the assigned genre. If the given genre is hip hop, then they have to change the genre of the assigned song to hip hop.


Some of the singers who are participating in this show are Misha Omar, Mark Adam, Waris, Mawi, Awie and Sam Bunkface. Some of the comedians who are participating are Achey, Fad and Abam Bocey, Shuib Sepahtu, Ajak and Shahrol Shiro, Yus and Tauke Jambu and Zulin and Sherry.


What’s different about this show is that only 30% of the results of the show will be taken from votes. The rest is up to the judges to evaluate and decide. So, it’s less about popularity and more about talent and creativity. This is something new or at least, rare, in the case of any Astro reality TV shows because most of them rely 100% on votes.

Another thing that made things very interesting is that there won’t be any eliminations in this show. So, everyone will be competing against each other until the final episode.


Juara Parodi will be hosted by Najip Ali and Dina Nadzir. The contestants will be judged by Afdlin Shauki, who is the person who thought of this idea and Zainal Abidin, who is apparently very funny in real life. Just like Super Spontan All Stars, there will be a 15-minute slot before the show actually starts called, Kau Dah Redi? Parodi! and it will be hosted by Yasmin Hani.

The prizes to be won are RM300 000 and a trophy for the winner, RM20 000 and a trophy for each finalist and RM10 000 for the winners of Best Performance, Best Vocal and Best Lyrics. Voters will also get a chance to win RM25 000 for the Viewer of Choice Award, sponsored by Aurawhite.


The show is sponsored by Aurawhite Beauty Gold and Tropicana Twister and co-sponsored by Adabi, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and DiGi. It will also have ERAfm as its official radio, Raku as its official digital radio and Astro Gempak as its official entertainment portal.


I have to say, I am very excited for this show because it’s very unique and different from anything Astro has done before and I’ve listened to all of the contestants perform and they all sounded really really good! Knowing Afdlin Shauki and what he did with Super Spontan, I have really high expectations.

So, don’t forget to set your Astro decoders to 10PM, every Friday on Astro Warna (channel 132) or Astro Mustika HD (134)!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

This post is sponsored by Astro. All photos belong to the official photographers at the event but all words and opinions are of my own. 

This post is a rewrite after this blog got deleted on November 5th, 2015

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