A few weeks ago, I was invited to meet Ungu, document and enjoy a free media pass to their Mozaik Tour showcase at CityOne Megamall Kuching. I don’t listen to a lot of Malaysian music so what more to say about Indonesian music. But Ungu is one of those bands who have been around for a really long time and when I was in my Sinetron phase (I was 12!), I listened to a lot of their music. So, I was really excited to see what these boys (now men) are all about! 

In the morning, I went to the press conference of their album and showcase at the Citadines Hotel at Simpang Tiga. There were a bunch of people of ERAfm Sarawak, a couple of new artists who were invited to open the show and obviously, Ungu.

At the PC, there was an issue about, the lead vocal, Pasha’s leaving Ungu for his political career and they all gave us the reassurance that nobody is and nobody will be leaving Ungu. They are only giving some time and space for Pasha to expand his political career while the rest of them work on their baby, Ungu Productions.

After the press conference, Ungu had a special meet and greet with some fans who also won special Rockzone passes.

When I arrived at the mall that night, the place was already filled with people. It was so crowded that I had a really hard time finding the entrance to the media section.

The showcase was opened by Mal Imran, a local Kuchingite who is signed under CQ Music. He sang a couple of songs then his own song called Cinta Sukar Ditafsirkan.

Then, it was Wani Kayrie’s turn. Wani Kayrie is signed under Suria Records and she was singing her first single, Jangan Jangan.

After the opening show, the ERAfm Sarawak DJs, who hosted the showcase, chose a few people from the crowd to join in on a little competition where they were required to sing Ungu’s latest song, Aku Tahu in different genres like hip hop, dangdut and more. It was absolutely hilarious to watch. The winner was chosen by the people and won an iPhone 6!

When Ungu came on stage, the crowd went wild. I had to close my ears when the girls were screaming in excitement. Ungu had such a great presence on stage, they sang some of their older songs like Kekasih Gelapku and Hampa Hatiku then moved on to a couple of songs from their new album, Mozaik, like Aku Tahu and Berteman Sepi.

Berteman Sepi is a duet with Stacy but since Stacy couldn’t make it, Wani Kayrie took the honour of taking her place on stage.

If you watch the video closely, you would be able to spot our very own Hantu Atau Buaya sweetheart, Nanasheme, singing along to Ungu. According to her, she is a dieheart Ungu fan.

ERAfm Sarawak DJs rocking out to Ungu. Osha Basri almost had hearts in her eyes.

At the showcase, they had a pre-sale counter where they sold limited Mozaik Tour t-shirts, limited Mozaik DVD and the Mozaik CD itself.

After the showcase, they had a meet and greet session where the fans were required to purchase an item from the pre-sale counter in order to come up on stage and meet the boys.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

This post is sponsored by Astro and ERAfm Sarawak. All photos and words are of my own. 

This post is a rewrite after this blog got deleted on November 5th, 2015. 

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