All my life, I’ve always wanted to surprise other people or be surprised by other people. I’ve experienced the latter but I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than seeing the look on someone’s face when you do the unexpected, y’know? So, when one of my good friends, Syafiq, told me he had never been surprised before (this was months and months ago), I decided I want to do something nice for him.


I’ve had everything planned out for months so it was only a matter of execution. A month before his birthday, I was already asking people what we should do for his birthday but everyone was distracted by finals, so we didn’t figure it out then.

A week before his birthday, I created a Whatsapp group for all of us to plan out his birthday, who is going to be the innocent ones, who is going to be the mean ones. Basically, what we planned is that we’re all going to ditch him on his birthday but one of us is going to be nice enough to take him out for dinner. Then, we’re going to surprise him by being there without him expecting a thing.

And it all worked out perfectly!

I’ve never hosted a surprise birthday celebration before so I was really nervous about it, worried that it wouldn’t work out. But everything went just as planned!

A week prior to his birthday, I told him we’re all going to go out for dinner. Throughout that one week, I asked him to choose a cake for a friend’s birthday. Fortunately, I have a friend whose birthday right before his so he bought it. He chose the cake, I ordered it. Then, I asked him where I should reserve tables for my friend’s birthday. He gave me his recommendation, we reserved the table.


Then, the night of his birthday, I ditched him by saying my aunt is going into labor and I need to take care of her. The first part was true, the second part was a total lie.


We started out that afternoon. We picked up the cake, bought the decorations, went straight to the restaurant, decorated the table with balloons, buntings, lanterns and tea candles. We had the kitchen hide the cake for us. He was surprised when he arrived and saw us at the table. OK, first surprise. Done.

Second surprise : we bought two cupcakes, pretending that we couldn’t buy a cake in time. Then, while a couple of us pretended to go for a smoke and the rest of us distracting him, the cake came and the restaurant played a Happy Birthday song.


You guys should have seen his face! It was priceless.

Although, I do wish I pulled off a Vivy Yusof move on him. Give him a Louis Vuitton box only to find a box of tissues inside. It would’ve won the whole thing.

Cake : Red Velvet Galore by @yumslicious on Instagram
Balloons : Party shop at Kubah Ria, Kuching
Decorations : Mr DIY 

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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