A few weekends ago, Damai Beach Resort held their own food festival and regardless being quite the distance, I brought Crah to travel to the beach for some food. It was a very rainy morning but as soon as the rain died down a bit, we made our way to the sea.

There weren’t a lot of people, everyone was casually walking around, kids playing in the pool, some eating at tables. The festival was supposed to start by 9AM but when we arrived at 10.30AM, a lot of the stalls were just setting up. On a normal day, I would’ve gotten annoyed but since the weather was not kind on us, they were forgiven.

Comparing this food festival with the one they had in August, this was a step-down for sure. There wasn’t a lot of variety and as far for the types of food and the people who were selling them, a lot of the food are easily accessible in town. The idea of driving all the way to the beach for the food when we can easily save on petrol and get the exact same food in town is baffling to me. It wasn’t worth it to me.

We had burgers from the Kuching Food Kartel food truck. Oh my, they’re good.

Grilled chicken with brown rice and vegetables from Aisha’s Lunchbox, available on Instagram. Super healthy and nutritious, love it. They even had grilled salmon but I couldn’t justify the price at the time.

Some otak otak (translated to English as brain brain), they’re the same people selling otak otak at Teh Tarik Kafeteria, Demak. These aren’t real brain though. They’re just fishcakes.

In terms of food festivals, Kuching has a lot to learn. West Malaysia always has cool bazaars, festivals and carnivals going on there and I get so jealous sometimes. Hopefully one day, I would actually be impressed.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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