Lush is an extremely popular brand in the beauty industry. They are known to produce handmade cosmetics with fresh ingredients and their products always work like magic! I have tried a couple of their skincare products and I absolutely love them. I used their Herbalism cleanser for a while until our economy started falling rock bottom and the prices were getting higher, and it got a bit expensive over the long run. Now that I’ve moved back to a conventional skincare product, it really isn’t the same!

I’ve also been very intrigued with Lush’s hair care products because they have so many types of hair care stuff and they always look and sound so good!


Luckily, the girl behind OutsideKL was kind enough to send me a package of some of their best-selling products, Lush I Love Juicy shampoo and Lush American Cream conditioner. They’re cruelty-free, organic, vegan and all the other good things you can have!


As soon as I received my package, I tried these products out straight away. I only had a small tester of the shampoo so I can’t give it a thorough test but I still liked it anyway. The shampoo has a thin consistency to it, which isn’t very common with shampoos. The first thing I noticed about it is its citrus smell, it was very pleasant to my nose buds. Being an organic product, it didn’t foam up very well in my hair which should be a good thing because that means the product doesn’t have a lot of sulfate in it. If you like foam, then be generous with this.

The I Love Juicy shampoo is packed with freshly juiced pineapples, kiwi, mango and papaya which are full of enzymes that would help break down any excess oil on your scalp, leaving it fresh and clean. My hair really felt clean and clarified, it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or anything like that. I do think I have to follow up with a conditioner after using this though because I’m not used to having non-greasy hair so it felt a bit dry.


After the shampoo, I used the American Cream conditioner and since I was given an entire 100g (recycled!) bottle of it, I’ve used this a few times. This conditioner contains fresh strawberries to help cleanse the hair, orange juice (vitamin C!) to add some gloss, clary sage to sooth the hair and lavender to calm the scalp. This conditioner has a really thick consistency to it but when you apply it to the hair, it’s actually quite fluid and light. It has a very luxurious and luscious (LUSH-ous!) feel to it that I find appealing. When I wash it off, it doesn’t leave my hair and my back feeling greasy. I like that a lot because I would have to wash my back for a few more minutes just to get rid of the grease if I used a conventional conditioner.

I guess with organic conditioner, you would think that brushing your hair would be a much more difficult task without all the grease but with this product, it made brushing my hair so much easier, even with two or three day hair! I don’t wash my hair everyday so usually my hair would get really tangled up and just not fun to brush through but with this product, it didn’t make detangling my hair such a chore. It almost feels effortless to brush my hair in the morning!

I don’t think I would like to try more of the shampoo because it’s just shampoo to me but I would totally get my own bottle of the American Cream conditioner once I run out!


If you want try these out, you can follow OutsideKL on Instagram (@outsidekl)! Their service is totally divine, the girl is super duper nice and friendly and it doesn’t take long to wait for your items to arrive!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

Disclaimer : This post is part of a collaboration this blog did with OutsideKL

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