Let me be the first to admit that I have never been a firm believer of New Year’s resolutions. However, earlier this year I made a vow to myself to dedicate the entire 2015 for self-love and to dress better, as a Muslim, and I’m making good progress with those two things. I might not have completely achieved them but there’s progress and that’s good enough for me. So, I thought, how different is that from jotting down a list of goals for me to each throughout the year?

Just like my goals for 2015, I wanted my goals for 2016 to be more little things which would make big differences in my life in a few years time. I don’t want to have super extravagant things that my New Year’s resolutions would end up being unattainable and unattained. So, I hope you’re inspired by these goals that I have and maybe you’ll feel motivated to make your own resolutions.


While I learned to love myself more in 2015, I’ve also learned that eliminating negative energy is a huge part of that. When you learn to filter out negative comments, discouraging words and people who bring you down, you learn to see who you are as a person, you learn to look in the mirror with a better light. So, in 2016, I want to do more of that. This time, I want to eliminate the negativity within myself as well. I think with the amount of negativity I surround myself with throughout the years, I’ve become such a heavy-hearted, judgmental and pessimistic person and I want to change that. I want to learn new things, listen more without judging, hear different opinions and accept them and learn to look at a person without focusing on the things I dislike and focus on the things I like instead. I would still be avoiding people, things, situations that carries a negative impact to my soul and energy but I think it’s also important that I take out the negativity in me so whatever negativity that comes to me wouldn’t affect me as much as it typically would.


In terms of my social life, both at school and outside of school, I feel like I brush things off a lot. Someone has a pet, okay. Someone’s dad died, okay. Someone got a job, okay. I always feel neutral about any social thing that happens around me like probably a club at uni or a charity run next month. I don’t ever make any effort. Afgan, one of the most popular Indonesian singers, sat right in front of me at a press conference and I made no effort to tap on his shoulder, say hi and take a picture. I am so terrible at these things so I really want to change that and become more sociable and involved. I am so used to making myself almost invisible at school that when it comes to making friends and meeting really cool people, I can’t be bothered to be excited or nervous.


I don’t know if you know this, since I don’t ever talk about my studies with people but I’m doing great at school. My grades are high up and all but I don’t think I deserve the good results. I’m not being ungrateful but I know how to measure myself and knowing how I handle tests and exams, knowing how lazy I am to even open my book and read a sentence, I have it easy at school and although that’s something to be very grateful for, it can also make me very complacent and uncompetitive. My friend got a 4.0 for our recent final exam and I didn’t feel challenged at all. That’s how complacent I am. So, this year, I want to put more effort into my assignments, I want to do my homework, do my revision regularly and make it worthwhile. I want to look at my examination result slip and actually feel like my hard work has paid off, not relieved or surprised or anything else in between.


Gluttony, the one word I would use to define my eating habits. I always say three stomachs, one for savoury food, one for dessert and another for ice-cream. I am never full for long so all I ever do is eat and eat and eat. Let’s not get into exercise. I don’t ever exercise, I don’t run, jog or do minor exercise like walking and stuff like that. I am so unfit, I can go up 3 flights of stairs and already feel tired. However, this year, that’s all going to change. I’ve already found a workout routine (well, pilates tbh) that I think I would be able to keep up with and I’ll see if I can tell myself to hold back on all the eating and the ice-cream (see how they are two different things to me?). If I can do this, I might even be able to lose weight, you never know. I’ve already bought a yoga mat for me to use so this goal is starting in full gear today.


I’ve always been intrigued by video blogs on Youtube. I want to be one of those people who carry a camera with them everywhere they go and film the little things they do almost every day. Right now, I’m trying to do the monthly vlog thing (December vlog coming soon!) and I’m still finding the most effective and entertaining way to vlog. I’m thinking of doing it Claire Marshall style where I would just vlog things without actually talking to the camera but in the video, there’ll be a sit-down segment where I would go through almost every single frame for you. Let me know what you think. I’m still on the fence about this though. I’m so afraid of the weird and judgy looks I would get. I still don’t talk about my blog with my friends and people at school still don’t know what I do so I can’t imagine the reaction I would get if people find out I talk on Youtube. I’ve heard many encouraging words about this for the past few days though so that’s something good. Hopefully I would be able to get pass my doubts and just go for it!

So, that’s it for my New Year’s resolutions. Tell me which of these goals are you putting in YOUR resolutions and maybe tell me some of the things you would like to get done in 2016 yourself?

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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