If you’ve been sticking around on this site for a long time, you would know that in August last year, I’ve decided to travel more in 2016 and I booked my first ever flight ticket, with my own money (which I worked very hard for), to Seoul this May. So, I thought I should give you an update of what’s going on and how things are going, especially because I’ve been mentioning it quite a lot on Twitter for the past couple of weeks. It has been on my head a lot too, let me tell you that.

My trip to Seoul this May is my first ever self-funded and self-planned trip overseas.

As a 20 year-old, that’s a big achievement. Well, at least for me it is. The original plan was for me to go alone so it would be a solo trip, I would be totally on my own and making new friends but one of my very best friend, Crah (the one I did her surprise birthday for), decided to come along with me even though she’s already been to Seoul last October. However, she won’t be with me for the entire trip because she has a permanent job now so she can’t take a long holiday. So, for a few days during the trip, I would definitely be alone in Seoul and asking people to take pictures for me.

As far as accommodation goes, I won’t be spending any of my cash on a nice hostel or hotel because I have a friend studying in Seoul and she kindly offered me a place to stay. So, I will be saving a lot of money in that department.

For my savings, I’m about ¼ there. I’m trying to save as much as I can, more than I actually need to survive in Seoul actually, so that I would have some money when I come home to Malaysia. I’m working as hard as I can, trying to earn as much money I possibly could with the extra time I have on my hands. I haven’t been shopping and splurging on food and clothes, not because doing so would make me hella broke and I wouldn’t have any money left for the trip. I just would rather have all the money I have for my trip, that’s all.

I might have a few more trips planned this year, mostly in Malaysia. I have a feeling that I would be travelling to KL more often this year too so that’s very exciting. I was in KL just two days ago for a couple of events with Astro, which I vlogged and will upload on my Youtube channel soon.

So, I guess that’s all I have to report on for now.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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