Most of you would know that in October, I was flown over to KL by Astro to attend the press conference of Juara Parodi. Never in my mind did I ever think I would be flown over, again, to watch an episode of Juara Parodi. Last week was the semi final of Juara Parodi, there were only 7 out of 10 groups left after the quarter final elimination and they were about to eliminate another 2 groups. Now, I’m going to be honest with you that I haven’t been watching Juara Parodi on TV very religiously but I am always up to date and when I heard that Tomok and Rahim were eliminated, I was disappointed because I think they’re good.


Anyway, I was very excited to be seated in the front rows of the theatre hall (I even got to be on TV for a few seconds when they were showing the judges’ faces lol). I have never seen an actual production in action before so I was very amused and amazed at how smooth things are and how everything has to happen on time.


A good Juara Parodi performance comprises of three things; good humor, a good song and a great show. As soon as one of these three things is missing, you’re out for no good.


So, I can imagine how heated the judges’ seats must be every single week, especially now that they have to eliminate someone.


Since it is the semi final stage, every contestant really just put their all into their performance. The theme for the semi final stage was about a broken romantic relationship and the keyword for brownie points was Ultraman. Imagine how difficult it must have been to sit together and brainstorm ideas! After watching all of them perform, I couldn’t even choose my favourite performance. They were all so good! Uh thanking God that I don’t have to eliminate anyone.


The semi final episode was slightly more special in terms of the songs assigned to the groups as well because it was the Zainal Abidin episode, basically. Everyone was given a song by Zainal Abidin and by the end of the show, Zainal Abidin did a surprise performance in which he did a medley of all his top three songs including Hijau.


By elimination time, everyone came out to face the verdict and everyone’s faces were so intense, I felt so sorry for them. Especially Mark Adam. He was so nervous and scared, it was written on his face! Like as if he’s not nervous enough, he and Shuib Sepahtu ended up being in the Bottom 3, alongside Mawi & The Loyar (Mawi & Zero) and Black Dot Chey (Black & Achey). However, the final verdict was that Mawi & The Loyar and Black Dot Chey were to be eliminated and Mark Adam & Shuib (they’re a duo in the show) were safe and going to the final of Juara Parodi.

When asked whether I want to come back to KL to watch the final of Juara Parodi, I had to decline the kind offer because I have a test coming up on Saturday. However, I will make sure I keep a watch by my side so I don’t miss it on TV! So, don’t forget to watch the final of Juara Parodi to see who will be winning the RM300 000 grand prize, this Friday at 10PM on Astro Warna or Astro Mustika HD!

PS. Vlog coming up soon on my Youtube channel!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Astro Warna. All words and opinions are mine. Photos belong to Astro.

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