Since I’m trying to stay healthier, I really try to keep my diet semi-healthy, which means that when I go out, I would be a bit more lenient towards myself but when I get home, I try my best to eat the healthiest food available in the fridge. With that said, I’ve been eating a lot of wholegrain or multigrain bread instead of white, boiled eggs instead of fried, less processed food and meat, less canned food and just adding a ton of vege. I’m a very lazy cook so when I’m super hungry, I usually just whip up anything I can in 5-15 minutes so that means sandwiches and salads.

Last week, I wanted a salad that would fill me up because I was super duper hungry so I decided to whip up a salad which had my Mom thinking about the next day.

There are no special techniques to this, you just do what you like. This one was made to serve three people but today, I’ll share with you a serving for one. In this particular salad, I had :

  • lettuce of any kind
  • multigrain bread for carbs
  • soft or hard boiled egg, according to preference
  • chicken breast or cheeky turkey slices (processed but whatever)
  • tomatoes
  • pumpkin seeds, if you don’t have multigrain bread

The trick to a quick recipe is to do everything at once. So, boil some water in a pot. While you wait for it to bubble, toast your bread until it’s nice and crispy (no soft bits here). Cook your chicken breast or turkey slices. To save time, pre-cut them and put them in the fridge or freezer so they are ready to be used. Put in your egg as soon as the water starts boiling and leave it in for 6 minutes if you want it soft. Or, follow a recipe.

While you wait for everything to cook and toast, dice up your tomatoes and wash your lettuce. Then, all you have to do is put everything else in once they’re cooked. Garnish with dried herbs, pumpkin seeds for crunch, make sure you rip up the bread and dress it with your preferred dressing. I prefer Peri Peri sauce but you can use Ranch, French, Caesar, anything. If you’re feeling healthy, squeeze up a lemon and drizzle in some olive oil. Or balsamic vinegar.

Customise this to what’s available to you in your fridge and pantry. If you enjoyed this recipe, share this recipe along with a photo of it on Instagram! Hashtag it with #WhipItWithHani

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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