My mind has been flooding up with thoughts that I feel like I couldn’t articulate into words but today, I’m going to try. It has been raining for days in Kuching and the wet and gloomy weather truly depresses me, somehow. I’ve always been a huge fan of sunny days, especially the days when there’s barely any clouds in the sky and the sun pierces through your skin, you can feel the melanin in your skin working. The past few days have been cold and wet, I want to do nothing but stay in bed, binge-watch Friends and cuddle with my cat.

Speaking of my cat, he’s lying beside me while he stares at my moving fingers. Oh, he’s falling asleep now. That’s how cold it is. Oh no, he’s wide awake again. Hahah I feel like one of those movies where the protagonist would be sitting by the window, writing a letter with a monologue in the background.

Where was I?

Oh yes, the weather. I’ve been feeling super duper unproductive despite the work that I do and the amount of classes I have to attend every day. I’ve fallen into a routine for the past month, it’s making me sick. Throughout the week, I’ve had people looking at me with despair and my friends asking why I look so depressed, or at least super unamused with everything around me. I feel so bored with my life, I wish I had something to be excited about. I just want to go to the park or the beach, maybe try a new cafe, adopt a new hobby. I want to do something, I need something new. I’m always one to have this huge thirst for adventure and sure, I’ll be travelling in about 3 months but the wait is so dreadful.

I should probably do my homework, study for my quizzes but like I’ve said, it’s so so so cold.

I forgot where I was going with this.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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