When I was in high school, I was committed to keeping tabs with what’s happening in the K-pop and K-drama world but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to sift things through and only listen and watch something that’s worth my time and dollar bills. I haven’t been watching a lot of K-drama lately, especially after quitting Running Man because it was distracting me from studying for my SPM.


The last K-drama I watched was Oh My Venus and it was honestly, in my opinion, one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. K-dramas, just like Malay dramas, can get a bit predictable so I try to avoid most of them. With Oh My Venus, it was so so so good, so I doubted that I would find anything better. But I’ve just been proven wrong.


My friend, Athirah (Crah), introduced me to Cheese In The Trap, a k-drama that’s based on a webtoon or a comic, I’m not so sure. I can’t tell you much about the plot but it’s basically about a guy and a girl in university and the things they have to go through while they get to know each other. Judging by this, you would be thinking it’s just another “a boy and a girl” plot but hell no it’s not. I have never been so attached to a Korean drama before so to realise just how emotionally involved and attached I am with this drama makes me feel uneasy. I basically binge-watched the entire series (except for the final two which is airing this week) and I have never felt so pathetic or sad, even empty, because of a drama. Never.


There’s something really relatable about this show, too, but I can’t exactly pinpoint what’s so relatable about it. It’s not just about a relationship, it’s about university/college life in general. I just can’t with this show. I wasted so many hours of my life away watching this show yesterday but I can’t resent myself or anyone else (Crah in particular) for it.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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