I go through phases with food. There have been times where I used to eat sushi every single week, ayam penyet every single week and the cycle continues with every other dish available in the market. This time, I think I’m super obsessed with tom yam. I’ve been trying out all the different restaurants serving tom yam soup and I’ve actually found a couple of my favourite ones. However, today, it isn’t about tom yam soup. It’s about this tomyam fried rice.

I follow Farhanah Firdaus (AKA Faafirds on Youtube) and Filzah Razak on Snapchat and a couple of weeks ago, they posted their tomyam fried rice recipes and I salivated while watching them cook. So, this morning, I decided to make my own rendition of the mouth-watering tomyam fried rice.


  • a serving of overnight leftover white rice
  • cut up tomatoes (optional)
  • cut up string beans (optional)
  • fishcakes (optional)
  • diced onions
  • dried anchovies
  • a tablespoon of tomyam paste
  • oyster sauce (to taste)
  • salt & pepper
  • vegetable oil
  • After preparing the ingredients, what I did was I sautéed the diced onions and dried anchovies in some vegetable oil for a few seconds. Then, I added in the tomyam paste, mixed everything together. I added in the tomatoes, beans and fishcakes to give them a headstart in cooking. After a minute or so, I quickly added the white rice, mixing everything together, making sure every single grain of rice is coated with that tomyam paste. I let everything sizzle in the pan so that all the flavours get soaked up by the rice and seasoned with salt & pepper. Then, I gave the rice a little taste. To give it some sweetness, I put in just a little bit of oyster sauce, tasting the rice as I go. Once everything has sizzled, I serve the rice onto a plate then I fried a sunny side up to go on top.

This is a super duper simple recipe, it took me 15 minutes minus all the prep work. You can mix the ingredients up, add some shrimp or slices of chicken if you want to. This recipe isn’t spicy at all so if you want a bit more spice, add in some chilli in there. Everything I did was done to taste so there isn’t a rigid way to make this dish.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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