Here’s another popular tourist attraction; the N Seoul Tower. I never really took interest in this tower because I’m not one to appreciate great sceneries and stuff like that, especially when it’s so over-rated that it makes me super skeptical of how great it actually is. However, I decided to go anyway just for the sake of being a tourist. I heard that it’s really great at night but again, being skeptical, I thought going during the day would be much better because I would be able to see the city better.

I went on the cable car, it was ₩8500 per round trip, and I absolutely hated it. There were so many people so we were squished into one cable car, which looked so fragile when it’s getting blown by the wind. I was already getting so much anxiety because we were practically in the sky, so to get squished with zero personal space gave me even more unwanted anxiety. I actually ended up walking down the mountain and getting on the bus when I was making my way back to the city because the cable car was not worth getting so much anxiety over.


When I came, there was a traditional performance in the middle of the yard. I don’t know what it is and whether it’s there every day but I’ve never heard of anyone seeing the performance at the tower so it must’ve been a special occasion or something. I kinda want the fluffy hat things some of them were wearing, they looked so cool.


The Locks of Love is the main attraction at the tower, of course. People would typically get themselves a padlock to hang and make their own mark. Some would hang other memorable things like a phone case and stuff like that. I, on the other hand, didn’t do any of those things because I wasn’t very fascinated by it so I didn’t appreciate it as much.


I did appreciate the view of the city though so I ended up sitting and taking it all in. I like that I was able to see how the city was built and surrounded by mountains. It explains why a lot of places in Seoul felt like the climb to hell. I can see how the view would be beautiful at night so I’ve decided to come here again, at night, the next time I visit Seoul.


If you’re going to the N Seoul Tower, you can walk from Myeongdong Station or take the bus from Myeongdong Station. If you’re taking the bus, you would have to wait for a while because it’s not a direct trip from Myeongdong Station to N Seoul Tower so if you’re impatient, you can climb your way to the mountain. It is very tiring so I would suggest you take the bus and wait patiently. Oh, but you wouldn’t be able to take the cable car if you take the bus because the cable car station and bus station are at two different locations. And, you would still need to climb your way up from the bus station. The trip to the tower is basically the climb to hell, let’s put it at that.

For more info : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=264550

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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