After returning to Malaysia and coming back to reality (after my Seoul trip), you might have noticed my absence. I couldn’t post as much as I want to, I didn’t have anything to post really, other than my travel diaries in Seoul. After I returned to Malaysia, I was busy with my sister’s wedding. I was her bridesmaid and I couldn’t sit still. I wasn’t even at the wedding 80% of the time because I had things to take care of.

After the wedding, I quickly went back to school for my final semester. I didn’t expect to get caught up in so much school work but I was given homework and assignments as soon as our session started. By the end of July, I was already drowning in a load of school work, I thought I might die from all the stress and anxiety. I had tests and quizzes to study for, homework to do, assignments to submit. It was all madness.

Now, my semester is finally coming to an end. I only have one more week to get through, in which I have 6 different assignments and projects to submit and 2 tests to sit for. After that, I’ll be flipping through my textbooks and notebooks to study and sit for my final exam.

I am really excited to get everything done and over with so I can have more time to do things I’m excited about and blog about it. Today, my friends and I are going to check out a peculiar restaurant in town, and I’m gonna blog about it soon. Very exciting. I would still be very busy with work, applying for scholarships, going for interviews and whatnot but I would at least be able to come up for air once in a while, and when I do that, I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date.

Also, I’ve booked plane tickets for another trip to Seoul by the end of December. I’m very very excited to see my friends and experience winter for the very first time in my whole life. It’s supposed to be the coldest week in Seoul so we’ll see if I can be turned into bingsu.

While I’m not updating my blog, you can stay up to date with me on social media. 

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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