Due to my wanderlust tendencies, I haven’t been doing a lot of shopping because I’m constantly trying to save money for my travel adventures. Spending is, however, inevitable so I do allow myself to splurge and spend some money on clothes and make-up. Since I don’t usually have the time to go to a mall and carefully browse through racks and racks of clothes at physical stores, I prefer doing my shopping online. Especially when I live in Kuching and we don’t have a variety of brands to choose from.


Speaking of brands, Topshop is like one of my favourite clothing brands because they always have really cute stuff from formal wear to casual wear and I just can’t help but fall in love with almost everything that they have. Their collections are always so on point! I remember I used to browse through Topshop online all the time and I would actually buy a few things but they would take so long to reach my doorstep because Topshop ships from the UK. Luckily, now Topshop is on Zalora and I can easily get a few Topshop goodies every time a new collection comes out.


Zalora is my go-to online store whenever I need or want to do a little bit of shopping. They have so much stuff and they ship really fast. I also really enjoy shopping with them because their return policy is super easy, the returning process is not tedious at all. If I don’t like what I bought or I need to exchange it for another size or another colour, I can easily do that because they have made it really efficient. All you have to do is fill up the Return & Exchange Form and drop it at Poslaju. As soon as you tell the Poslaju staff that you’re returning something from Zalora, it would take less than 5 minutes if the queue isn’t long.

I was just browsing through the site the other day and I found a few Topshop goodies that I really want to bring home. So, I decided to make like, a little wishlist for all of you to see and maybe inspire you to do some shopping of your own.


1. Topshop Mixed Stripe Shirt 

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am OBSESSED with stripes. I can go into a store and actually buy a striped shirt that would look exactly like a striped shirt that I would be wearing while shopping. This shirt in particular just calls out to me because of the different textures of stripes that it has and it’s a beautiful baby blue colour, which reminds me so much of summer, carnivals, ice-cream and the beach. It’s super duper smart casual too, which I really really like.

2. Topshop 2-in-1 Reversible Bomber

I love bombers but I haven’t gotten a chance to get my hands on one that I am obsessed with. I hardly ever buy something that I am half-hearted for so it takes a lot for me to actually want to buy something. It doesn’t help that I’m currently obsessed with the patches trend as well. I just love this bomber because of the pink colour and the patches look so nice.

3. Topshop MOTO Smokey Super Rip Jamie Jeans

You can’t really go wrong with ripped jeans. I have a pair of ripped jeans that I’m thinking of getting rid of so I obviously need a new one. I have been hunting down for the perfect replacement for the ripped jeans that I currently have right now but I haven’t found “the one” until now. This pair of ripped jeans have the perfect amount of rips in it. It’s not too much that I look homeless and poor, and I can definitely wear leggings inside to cover up the holes. Always gotta keep it halal, y’know.

4. Topshop Nylon Backpack

Since I like to travel so much, a backpack has become an essential for my travel adventures. I don’t like super duper bulky backpacks because I’m so short and petite that a bulky bag would immediately make me look a lot smaller than I do. This one looks really nice and smart. It doesn’t have too many pockets which is a good thing because having too many pockets on a bag is putting yourself at risk of being a victim of pickpockets when travelling. So, this one is perfect.

5. Topshop Captain Toe Cap Sneakers 

Here’s another thing that I have been really liking; toe cap shoes. When I was in Seoul in May, I bought a pair of toe cap sneakers at Redeye (got it for less than 10 000 won, such a good deal!) and since then, I have been really liking it and I want more of them. It’s really really shiny especially when I’m standing under the sun, it would blind everyone around me. But I love it anyway.

So, that’s all from my little wishlist. I hope this post has inspired you to make your own little wishlist and buy Topshop Malaysia online!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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