I love social media. It’s such a great way to connect with people, spread some love, spread awareness about important matters like war and animal cruelty but it’s also a huge platform for people to spread hate and be mean to one another. What I see on social media, seems like a huge reflection of our society. I don’t know if it’s because time has changed so we view things differently or is it just a matter of, having the accessibility to see the ugly side of our society.

I just want to talk about Twitter in particular, because I spend most of my internet time there. Every time I log onto Twitter, I’ll see discussions going on, whether they are healthy or unhealthy discussions, debates or arguments; they are all I see apart from all the funny jokes, memes and videos. It has become so emotionally tiring for me to go on Twitter and to watch or read these discussions, especially because we all know I have opinions. And it’s hard to keep them to myself, but I manage to do it anyway, 75% of the time.

Because we have made Twitter or even just social media in general, this great platform where we can speak our minds, a lot of people forget that social media is also real life. When you tweet, you would look at the screen and think, “Oh no one can hurt me, I’m just thinking out loud.” But that’s not the matter at all, is it? There are actual people, looking through their timelines, reading your thoughts and reflecting on those thoughts you’ve put out for them to see. You’ve made yourself vulnerable to opinions and comments, in which you say you don’t care about when in fact, it is all you feed on. You feed on compliments, comments, opinions and attention. That’s why you expose your thoughts online.

Somehow, we’ve gotten so caught up with the idea of thinking out loud, letting people know how our days went, showing people what we wore and ate, letting people take a peek into our lives that we forget that we don’t always have to go on social media to speak our minds. Especially on social media where it’s so easy to hurt someone or ourselves, because of a simple mistake. You would tell yourself that no one would mind because, oh it’s the internet, no one takes it seriously, only to let them prove you wrong. And then you would go on a two-day rampage, proving to them that you’re right and their opinions don’t matter. But they actually do matter because why else would you care to go on that rampage?

It’s easier said than done, being a blogger who would typically be prone to exposing myself to the internet but I’ve learned to draw a line. What you see is what you get and you’ve seen nothing other than what I’ve put through the little hole I’ve punched through the invisible wall we all call privacy.

Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t put yourself out there for everyone to see. Cover your minds just like you would your bodies. Save yourself a little mystery, let them wonder on their own. Keep your deepest thoughts safe, just like you would a pot of gold.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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