I’ve never been a fan of k-beauty, mostly because I’ve always avoided it. The thing with Korean beauty is that, a lot of the things that they have in the market are not at par with what my skin needs. A lot of Korean beauty products that I’ve tried in the past just didn’t work as well as I wanted them too, especially with my oily and very acne prone skin, I need more than just revitalisation, hydration, silky smooth skin and other things that Korean beauty products are usually catered towards. Another side of K-beauty that I hate is it’s really colour blind so it’s difficult to find base make-up that matches my skin tone or, the make-up isn’t pigmented enough because they are catered to fairer skin tones. Thus, the pigmentation doesn’t show up very well on my skin.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in Sarawak so I’m not exposed to K-beauty or if K-beauty itself have improved throughout the years that I’ve been absorbed in Western beauty.

When I visited Seoul in May, I picked up a few beauty items, both skincare and make-up, which had good reputation and most of them have worked really well so far. After I came back from Seoul, I started doing more research on K-beauty, started watching more Seoul based beauty Youtubers, started reading K-beauty blogs. I feel like I’ve been exposed to a whole other world of beauty and I’m so excited to go back in December and explore more K-beauty items.

I’ve been listing down some of the things that I’m really keen on trying out so I decided to share it with you guys and hopefully, intrigue some of you to check out K-beauty for yourselves. I have a really good feeling about these beauty products, I’m really excited about them!

1. COSRX Skincare Products 

COSRX is a brand that I’ve heard so many good things about, it’s such a shame that I’ve just heard about it now so I didn’t get anything from the range when I was in Seoul a few months ago. I couldn’t choose a product that I’m really keen on trying but I know I would be really spoiled for choice when I visit Seoul in December. I’m most interested in the AHA and BHA line, which has a wide range of products so I really need to be careful when I make my choice. COSRX can be bought on but since I’m saving up for my trip in December, I decided not to splurge on these products until then.

2. NEOGEN Bio-Peel Pads 

I heard about these products long before I visited Seoul but I never took any interest in them because I thought it wouldn’t be suitable for my skin, since I had the perception that Korean beauty products are not catered towards my Southeast Asian skin. Now that I’ve heard more about these; what it’s for and whatnot, I thought I should give it a try soon. I’m a bit wary about trying these out because it’s not easily accessible in Malaysia and there’s only 30 pads in one tub, so what if it’s really good and I run out of it?

3. Memebox Pony Effect Matte Liquid Lipsticks 

When I was in Seoul, I couldn’t find liquid lipsticks anywhere. All I saw were tints, tints and more tints, which aren’t up my ally. However, I’ve recently saw a couple of K-beauty Youtubers wear and talk about these in their vlogs and it looks so so good! There’s a good variety of colours too, which is rare when it comes to Korean make-up, in my opinion. Koreans are all about really bright lips but these ones seems to have some browns and nudes, which is nice.

4. Moonshot Jelly Pot 

Moonshot came to Sephora earlier this year but I’ve never really heard anyone rave about the products, until recently. In Korea, they have way more products and they are way cheaper so I really want to check them out. It’s funny because I even passed the flagship store in Samcheongdong but I didn’t care about it, because I didn’t hear anyone rave about it. I saw a K-beauty vlogger, vlog herself going to the Moonshot flagship store and I saw these jelly pots on the rack with the most beautiful shades. You can get them at Sephora but I just think they might have more shades in Korea so that’s why I want to wait.

5. 7 Days Mask

I’ve never liked sheet masks because it never did anything for my skin, until recently, I found out that sheet masks must be used regularly for them to actually work. However, there are so many sheet masks available in the market that I don’t even know which ones are good and which ones are not. Some of the ones I want are either, not available in Kuching or just way too expensive for me (broke student life). These ones, however, look like they would work some real magic and they’re even available at Watsons. But then again, they are RM20 each, which is a ridiculous price for a disposable sheet mask! That is more than 5000 won which is, still so ridiculous because that’s the price of a meal! So, I plan to check these out when I visit Seoul, compare the prices and if they’re reasonable, I might get a whole bundle (I’m a high achiever lol).

So, that is it for my K-beauty wishlist. Do you know much about K-beauty? Are there any products that you love? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Tell me all about it below! I would love to know all about it!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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