I’ve been meaning to visit the new Nando’s at The Spring, Kuching for quite some time now but I haven’t had the time to actually go. When Nando’s asked me to come and have lunch with them, I RSVP-ed straight away. Saying no is never an option when it comes to my favourite Peri Peri chicken, it’s either YES or HELL YES!

When the staff started sending out the food, there were a couple of side dishes that I have never seen on the menu. I was intrigued so I asked around, and they are apparently new additions to the Nando’s menu! Like as if we needed to be spoiled with more options!

1. Sweet Potato Chips – RM9.35

This was the first thing that they sent out, and of course the first thing that I tried. I’m a huge huge fan of the PERI PERI chips, it’s probably my favourite side dish on the menu, until they came out with these! I love sweet potato chips or wedges, they are some of the best things I’ve tried in my whole life but they are difficult to get right. I’ve tried sweet potato chips that are too thin and crispy, and sweet potato chips that are too thick and soggy. These ones at Nando’s are the right size, with the right texture and the right seasoning! The chips are sprinkled with PERI PERI salt, which makes them a thousand times better and you can’t get them anywhere else, other than Nando’s!

2. Spinach – RM9.35

This one was a bit of a surprise for me when it came to the table. I thought it would be a really fancy version of blanched spinach but when I tried it, it’s actually just blanched spinach. You can definitely make this at home, in my opinion. For RM9.35, you can buy your own spinach at the market, heat up a pot of water, blanch it then sprinkle with salt. For me personally, it’s not worth the price but if you’re looking for a healthier option, or you don’t like salad and beans, then go for this. It’s just not for me.

3. Red Skin Mashed Potato – RM9.35

The one thing missing from the Nando’s menu has always been a good bowl of mashed potatoes and now I don’t have to wait any longer! I love mashed potatoes. In fact, I just love all the things potatoes. This is definitely not your super salty, super buttery type of mashed potatoes, which can be a bit too much sometimes. So, this one is a lighter, smoother and guilt-free option. If you’re not feeling like eating rice or fries, this would be an excellent choice for you! I would personally, love to drizzle this with a bit of PERI PERI sauce to amp it up a little but it’s good even on its own.

Of course we also had to have their ¼ chicken, PERI PERI chips and PERI PERI wedges!

For dessert, they came out with the most beautiful looking caramel cheesecake (RM10.49) I’ve ever seen. Think of a New York cheesecake, probably lighter and less salty. This cheesecake just melts in your mouth; it’s super silky, and creamy, and the caramel made it a hundred times better. This is a slice to be shared because you’re not going to be able to finish that one slice when it gets to the point where it’s too creamy and heavy that it makes you sick to your stomach.

That’s all for this post! Do you like Nando’s? What’s your favourite PERI PERI flavour? Are you going to try the new side dishes out? Comment down below!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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