My friends and I have just sat for our final exams and hopefully, have completed our Diploma. Since a couple of my friends are not from Kuching and will return to their hometowns soon, we decided to hang out more to make exceptional memories during our last few days together. Yesterday, we decided to check out Mami Cendol, a place I’ve been to before but I’ve never properly checked it out and tasted all the food. Mami Cendol is a very famous cendol place in Kuching, probably because it’s rare to find in the catcity.

There are plenty of toppings to choose from with your cendol. Thankfully, you can even have more than one or two toppings if you want. I ordered cendol pulut with jagung. The others ordered cendol pulut, cendol jagung, cendol ice-cream and cendol lychee with Milo. I love the cendol here, it isn’t too sweet, it isn’t too bland either. It basically has the right amount of sweetness to it and the gula apong on top makes it taste even better. The only thing I don’t like about cendol, is the cendol itself. The green stuff. I wanted to order cendol, without the cendol but I thought it might have been weird so I left it in there. I didn’t end up finishing mine.

My friend ordered Rojak Ayam (RM6), I had a taste of it and it was absolutely delicious. Especially the cucur. I should’ve ordered one for myself but I guess there’s always a next time.

Then, we ordered two sets of the Cucur Campur (RM5). It’s your ordinary cucur campur, I think. It has fried tofu, fried sweet potatoes, fried fishcakes, fried sausages and fried shrimp fritters (cucur udang lol). It’s a bit inconsistent, in my opinion. A plate had more or less of something than the other. I would prefer choosing my own cucur like you would do at places like Swee Kang and Lock Ann but for RM5, it’s not comparable.

Then the waiter came by a plate of Cucur Udang (RM2), which belonged to another table. It looked so good so we decided to order a plate. We were a bunch of really hungry young people lol. The cucur udang was average, it was too hot so I couldn’t really taste anything. I wish it had more udang in it, and I wish it was crispier.

Because we were sitting in the heat, eating cendol, with a breeze from a standfan, we really felt like we were at a beach in Penang or Melaka. So we decided to go to the beach. It was a 30-minute drive but I could say it was worth it. We came right in time for sunset, even though the sun was blocked by the clouds.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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