I have been quite MIA for the past few months. I was looking through my archives the other day and saw the horrible decline of blog entries that I’ve posted since May and I don’t have any excuses for you guys. I used to be really good about posting, creating content and finding the balance between school, work and my blog. However, I basically just did not have my life put together and I still don’t have it together. My life’s a mess, that’s something I have to admit.

I’ve just been studying, doing my homework, assignments; things that I’ve mentioned time and time again. Because it’s my last semester, I decided to socialise more and make the most out of my time with my friends at school. I normally, never socialise with my schoolmates but the past semester, I just thought, why not? So, that’s what I did. We’ve been out for karaoke, play bowling, going food tasting and a bunch of other stuff. One of my friends, Aisyah, left for the UK to pursue her Degree. At some point, I was super jealous but then I realize that we all have our own journey and our own path to follow in life and if going to the UK is not my path, then it’s totally fine.

The one thing that I did not tell you is that I got 3 new kittens in May. The black one died after getting attacked by a crazy amount of ants and the white one went missing, AKA kidnapped by someone in the neighbourhood. I say kidnapped because the other day, my cat that has been with us for the past year, came home with a collar on his neck. I asked my Mom about it, and she said that she thought I was the one who put it on him. Just to clear things up, that particular cat went missing for two weeks in May and now that we saw the mysterious collar, we’re convinced that someone took him. So, we’re suspecting that the white one got kidnapped by the same person and I’m pretty sure the kidnapper lives in our neighbourhood.

Well, that’s all in the past now. Let’s talk about the future.

I am currently doing a million things at once as per usual. Now that my Diploma is done and over (hopefully), I have too much time on my hands. Hence, I put too much on my plate. I will be travelling a lot for the next two months; I’m going to KL for an interview with Yayasan Peneraju. I’m planning on pursuing ACCA instead of a Degree. I will still apply for a Degree in Accountancy at UiTM but I want to dream big, I like challenges and I feel like pursuing ACCA is the right choice for me. It’s supposed to be difficult, that’s what everyone tells me but I just feel like, if I can do this and excel, it would be a really great achievement. It’s risky, but it will be really good for me and my future career.

Then, I’ll be going to Penang for a school trip with UiTM. After Penang, I’ll be staying in KL for a couple of days to do some winter shopping and some touristy things. By the end of December, I’ll be going to Seoul for the second time. It’s such a great city and I have not had enough of it. I feel like I learned a lot the first time I went so I’ll be going again and make that trip a thousand times better, hopefully.

I’m also trying to learn a foreign language, Korean, to be exact. I know it seems super tacky that I’m learning a language of a nation that I’m pretty obsessed with. I know people would react like, “Oh you’re learning Korean because of kpop”, and make it sound silly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning a new language even if it’s because of k-pop, k-drama and k-beauty. I think it will be at my absolute advantage. I haven’t learned a foreign language in a while; since I learned Japanese in secondary school. It’s going to be difficult to learn a foreign language when I won’t be able to practice it but I have a couple of Korean pen pals and yeah, it’s just another skill that I want to have and another interest that I’m pursuing.

That’s it from me, for now. What are your future plans for the next two months, until the year ends? Comment down below!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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