If you’ve been following this blog since the very beginning, you would know that I am a huge fan of Rimba & Rusa since the day it opened. When I was planning my trip to Kuala Lumpur, visiting Rimba & Rusa was at the top of my list. I follow them on Instagram so I am pretty up to date with all their menu updates and whatnot. I have been wanting to try out all the new dishes they’ve introduced since the last time I was there and it was finally time that I did exactly that.

I went to Rimba & Rusa after I visited the National Zoo, which is pretty ironic because I literally just came from seeing the rimba and the rusa at the zoo. I was trying to keep myself on a very tight budget because I need to save up for another travel adventure at the end of December, but when I opened the menu, I couldn’t help myself.


I was looking at the table beside our table and I saw that she was having the most beautiful looking salmon steak with some pasta, so I ordered it. It was the Salmon Pesto (RM32). It is essentially pan-seared salmon steak, sitting on a bed of basil pesto linguine, topped with a handful of rocket and other leaves I don’t recognise. The linguine was of course, al dente, and the basil pesto was seasoned just right. It wasn’t too crispy and the basil didn’t overpower every other element in the dish. Plus, the pan-seared salmon steak was cooked to perfection. I thought it was too small at first but when paired with the pasta, it was the right portion. If it was any bigger, I wouldn’t be able to finish it. Ceh, I talk like a professional food critic.

My friend, on the other hand, ordered the Laksa Rimba with Soft Shell Crab (RM36). It is your classic nyonya laksa with spaghetti, cucumber, tofu puffs, hard boiled egg and fish cake, with a deep fried soft shell crab on top. The dish was presented to us so beautifully, in a huge bowl, which my pottery-loving eyes admired, on a customised Rimba & Rusa platter board. The bowl was filled to the brim with nyonya laksa goodness. I didn’t have much of it, since it wasn’t mine to begin with but good Lord, it was good. It is your ordinary nyonya laksa, a very good one in fact, but what makes it different is the deep fried soft shell crab. The crab was crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. If you leave it in the broth for a while, the batter would soak up the deliciousness of the soup and make it taste a thousand times better. If you don’t usually have a huge appetite, I would advice you to order one to share. Sadly, this is a Weekend Special so you can only get it on Saturdays and Sundays.

Next, we ordered the Tony Pepperoni (RM24) pizza. I can’t say much about this because it is, in fact, a pizza. I can’t tell if the base was made by the kitchen personnels themselves but the pizza was a delight to eat. It is a pepperoni pizza with a red sauce, topped with a generous amount of cheddar and parmesan, and the restaurant’s favourite, some rocket. I can’t say this was the best pizza I’ve ever had but it was decent. I mean, it’s a pizza, what more can you say about it? They do have a Sweet Potato Pizza (RM30), which I didn’t realise until now that I’m looking at the menu on my phone. I had sweet potato pizza when I was in Seoul and it was really good, I actually craved for it a few weeks ago. I wish I had noticed it though, because it I had, I would’ve ordered it.

For drinks, we ordered the Iced Chocolate Marshmallow (RM13) and the Strawberry Lychee Basil Sparkler (RM15), which is part of their Summer Drinks. I’ve always wanted to try out one of their Summer Drinks and boy, it was the star of the show. It was so refreshing, my mouth is watering just at the thought of it. It’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst in the heat because it’s both sweet and sour, with a hint of basil and lime.

If the Strawberry Lychee Basil Sparkler was the star of the show, let me introduce to you the Beyonce of all desserts. For dessert, I ordered the Crème Brûlée (RM16). I let it cool on the table for a pretty long time so it didn’t give that satisfying crack you would look for as soon as you dive for it but it didn’t need to crack. The sugar on top was caramelised so beautifully because it wasn’t burnt and it wasn’t under-caramelised either, if under-caramelised is even a term. It wasn’t too sweet as well so when you eat it with the silky smooth custard, I swear, you would feel like you were in heaven. It had my eyes rolling back with every spoonful. It was SO GOOD.

To be honest with you, if I had to recommend a dish for you to try out at Rimba & Rusa, I would tell you to try everything but that’s not realistic, now is it? I wish I can go back to try out their new breakfast menu but I didn’t have enough time. For now, I’m begging you to try out the Laksa, the Summer Drinks and of course, the Creme Brulee. The prices are steep, I can’t deny that but their ingredients are so high quality and fresh, and they really go all out with the presentation, I forgive myself every time I come here. Especially because the food taste so good, it’s worth every single penny.

Rimba & Rusa by Wondermilk | Instagram

D-GF-01 Ground Floor 2
Jalan PJU 5/14 Sunway Nexis
47810, Kota Damansara Selangor

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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