I just graduated from my Diploma programme, with a Vice Chancellor’s Award, which means that I scored above 3.5 for each semester in the programme. With that, I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows throughout the two and a half years that I was in university. It was definitely easier at first, to constantly study and get As. To be honest, I don’t study that much, compared to my peers. I don’t do my revision every day, a lot of times I don’t even do that much revision for my exams. I know it sounds cocky but that’s just me. What I did do was I attended all my classes, especially my core subjects, I did most of my homework and I made sure that I paid a lot of attention in class so that I could understand better and I wouldn’t have to put some extra work into learning and revising on my own.

I guess it’s because even in high school, I’ve never gotten the hang of studying, revising and just, putting 200% in my exams. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything at all, it’s just that if you compare me to my peers, I’m so lazy that at some point, it makes me unworthy of my As. At least I feel like I’m unworthy of my As. Some people would say that I was born with it, that I’m just a genius but it’s really not. A lot of people put extra work outside of class, I just put my work during class.

However, by the end of the programme, like the last two semesters, I really lost my mojo and everything just went downhill. During my third semester, I scored a 3.95 out of 4.0 and during my fourth semester, I scored a 3.56 out of 4.0. It was so bad. Part of the reason is because I lost interest for a bit, I didn’t do any of my homework, I didn’t pay attention in class and that really contributed to my failure to rise. During my fifth and last semester, I scored a 3.50. This time, I did my homework, really tried to pay attention and gotten better at putting my extra work outside of class. I had study groups and discussions all the time, I made sure that I talk to my lecturers if I had any confusion and I think it turned out well.

What contributed to the 3.50 was a C+ that I got for a subject, which really broke my heart because of all the subjects I had, I didn’t expect to get a C+ for that particular subject. I was expecting at least a B+ but I got a C+ instead. Throughout the semester, my on-going assessments were totally fine. I got a B for my progress test, my quizzes were average and I did all my assignments. I received a 29 out of 40, for my on-going assessments for that particular subject and the fact that I got a C+, assuming that I got 59 out of 100, it means that for my final exam, I scored only 50%. And it totally broke my heart. I didn’t cry and I didn’t want to complain because I graduated the way I wanted to but to end my semester with a 3.50 was really demotivating in a lot of ways. I have no idea why and how I got a C+, I have my suspicions but I will keep them to myself.

If I have any advice for anyone out there, especially those who just started out their Diploma programmes, those who sat for their SPM this year, I would say :

  • do you, go on your own pace, studying is not a competition so don’t compare yourself to others,
  • surround yourself with people who share the same goals as you and people who are just as high achieving as you,
  • do not ever slack off, even for a day. don’t do drugs and alcohol, it will definitely tear you down,
  • make sure you get really high GPAs during your first few semesters because you never know when and how low you may go during your last few semesters. During my first few semesters, I got at least a 3.80 and that really helped my CGPA a lot. If your CGPA ever drops, it’s going to be really difficult to bring it back up so your first few semesters are crucial to how well your CGPA will be when you graduate.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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