If you’re wondering what happened to my phone, I dropped it and the screen shattered into a million cracks. I searched high and low for places I can get it fixed for a reasonable price but the cheapest I could get was RM680. That’s right. SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY RINGGIT.

I got it fixed at the Phone Specialist (it’s literally just called that) at Chonglin Park. If you don’t know where Chonglin Park is, it’s the row of shophouses before Basaga Residences. Before going there, you can definitely give them a call to get a quotation. I got my phone fixed in a day because they had to get the LCD screen in stock since they didn’t have it on the day that I came to get my phone fixed. If they had it in stock, they could fix it in an hour. I wish I could fix it at a lower price but beggars can’t be choosers, I had to lay in my bed. If you get it fixed or the actual term would be replace (I was corrected by the guy at Switch), at Switch, it would be RM1300 which is crazy, of course.

I actually don’t understand how things like this work in Malaysia. I’ve seen Youtubers smash their iPhones before and they got their screens replaced for free all the time. Are their T&C different than us or do we just suck?

Phone Specialist 
P11-G-7B Chonglin Park Jalan Tabuan
93200 Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Tel : 016-896 8282

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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