If you don’t know this yet, I spent a small chunk of January in one of my favourite cities in the world, Seoul. After leaving Seoul in May, I had a strong urge to revisit because I felt like I didn’t explore the city enough. I had plans to explore other cities in South Korea, like Busan and the famous Nami Island but all those plans fell through, thanks to bosses and boyfriends. I am a single 20 year-old young woman with no obligation towards a lover or a stern and strict boss. Unfortunately, my friends do not share the same description so I had to compromise my plans. The trip ended up becoming sort of a “healing time” for me, where I let go of any built-up stress and worries to enter the new year with a lot of inner peace.

Since I’ve visited every single tourist attraction that I wanted to visit in May, I had more flexibility on this trip where everything was more casual and spontaneous because I didn’t have an itinerary to follow. I did try coming up with an itinerary because I like to plan ahead but it was surprisingly difficult to do so I decided to wing it, every single day. On this trip, I also decided to leave my blogger responsibilities behind and live in every single moment I had in Seoul. I didn’t plan on blogging about this trip at all but since a few people asked, I decided to do it anyway, in a more personal way. Hence, the existence of this particular round-up.

So, here are some of the things that occupied me on my first winter experience, in Seoul :

I went to Sindang to enjoy some rappeoki in the cold weather
Visited the cutest stationery & home decor store in Hongdae, it’s called Butter
I went into Olive Young every single day
I visited every 3CE counter I could find, this one is in Lotte El Cube @ Ewha University
And Hongdae, every single day.
And Ewha University.
Isn’t she lovely?
Had the most amazing Earl Grey cupcake at the most beautiful cafe in Sinchon called Creamfields.
I watched fireworks on New Year’s Eve
Yeouido Park in winter? Yes.
Legends Of The Blue Sea was shot here.
Is that the 63 Building?
I got into a taxi because I couldn’t walk any longer. IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE.
The best tteokbokki at this place in Samcheongdong.
Give me all that green tea goodness.
I went on the bus more because it’s more convenient and cheaper than the subway. It’s also a death wish.
Soybean paste stew is bae.
Of course I had to come here, SM has been stepping up their game on the merch lately
Three words; BEST SALAD EVER.
This was so good *happy tears*
My favourite concept cafe; Innisfree Cafe.
Halal Korean bbq
Reunited with some friends
Kakao Friends > Line Friends, no doubt

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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