I think it’s only appropriate to blog on this new website with a Life Lately, telling you what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks, other than working on this new website of course.

After coming back to Malaysia, I stayed with my grandparents in Melaka because I had to take my grandmother to the hospital for her doctor’s appointment. Other than that, I’ve been working. If you don’t know, I work with my Mom’s taxation firm so I’ve been helping out a company based in Negeri Sembilan which I won’t go into details about but that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two months, since the beginning of January. At least, that’s a huge chunk of it.

On other days, I would drive up to Kuala Lumpur to attend events, meet up with friends and other mundane things. I attended the ERAfm Digital Music Awards, which I blogged about. That was a very exciting event because I haven’t been to a social event in a really long time.

Then, I met up with my friend from Seoul. He was visiting Malaysia for an English Language Programme at Universiti Malaya so I made time to meet up with him over lunch and we ended up hanging out until the evening. We went to three different cafes which is pretty crazy. I ate at Wok It and Kakigori for the first time. I’m actually beating myself up a bit for leaving my dSLR in Kuching because I’ve been going to a few cafes that I’ve never been to and it would’ve been cool if I had taken nice food and interior photos. Pushing that aside, I didn’t like what I ordered at Wok It but I’m willing to give it another go. If you don’t know what Wok It is, it’s a customizable noodle store at Grind 22 Bangsar, which is located at the back of Twenty2’s boutique. It’s actually a really cool place, again, beating myself up for not taking cool shots of the place but yeah. Kakigori is basically a Japanese shaved-ice dessert, similar to a bingsu but a lot cooler, I believe. So, there’s a kakigori cafe called Kakigori at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya and it was really good. Again, really cool interior with an open ceiling, white walls and a lot of plants.

What else did I do?

Oh, I tried out Kyochon, a Korean fried chicken restaurant that has been recently hyped up all over Instagram. Almost everyone I follow on Instagram is eating there and raving about it, even my family. My Mom and sisters love it there but I don’t. I could’ve just ordered the wrong thing. I ordered a whole chicken of half soy half honey and I don’t know, I just think it’s overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the fried chicken skin is good but the chicken that I had was just bland and overcooked. I’m pretty sure the drumsticks and chicken wings would taste absolutely amazing but they’re so overpriced that I can’t bring myself to order them. I’ve also been spoiled by the everyday Korean restaurant where you can get a whole meal in a price so going to Kyochon where I have to order a very expensive set of fried chicken and then pay extra for rice and salad and other side dishes just didn’t go well for me. But, I did try the 4 Fingers fried chicken and THEY ARE SO GOOD. So much better than Kyochon in my opinion. They taste better, they look better and they’re cheaper.

So yeah, I think that’s it.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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