A few weekends ago, I was at Sunway Nexis for an event and I remember that I hadn’t had a single meal at the time so I was really hungry. I wanted to go to Rimba Rusa but it was filled with people so my friend and I decided to go to Publika to see if we can eat at Wondermilk. However, when we got there, we ended up eating at Plan B instead because we’ve always wanted to try the food there. I specifically remember Plan B being super popular so I had really high expectations.

I really didn’t plan on blogging about this restaurant so I don’t have details about the place itself but it’s super popular so you can easily look it up.

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We ordered the Salted Egg Fries (RM8), the Asian Salmon Rice Bowl (RM33), the Ham Dan Spaghettini (RM25), the Banoffee Tart (RM12) and the Lychee Lime Frostie (RM11). I liked the Salted Egg Fries because it was nice and crispy, and the salted egg sauce tasted like salted egg chicken but it was still not quite satisfying. Thankfully, the rice bowl had three of my favourite things in it; salmon, edamame and Japanese rice so I was able to enjoy it quite well but again, it didn’t make me feel the oohs and the aahs. Don’t let me get into the Ham Dan Spaghettini. What it is, is essentially pasta in salted egg sauce with fried chicken on top which isn’t that bad if it weren’t RM25. The banoffee tart was cool, I have nothing to say about that. It had a cool presentation, the price was average and it tasted like a regular banoffee tart. My Lychee Lime frostie though, didn’t taste very good. They had all the lime zest blended in there so it tasted kind of bitter. Well, it just tasted mostly of lime skin, which isn’t very pleasant.

The place really isn’t that bad. It has a nice atmosphere, a huge selection of dishes, a punny menu and cool coffee. But the food were just … MEH. It’s so expensive but it didn’t give me the satisfaction that I wanted from a RM100 meal.

A few days later, I was at Bangsar Village and again, I needed to grab a bite. I was at Bangsar Village II, I made my way across to Bangsar Village I to go to Daily Grind but when I got there, I couldn’t find it. I was tired and hungry, I didn’t want to get wet from going outside in the rain so I settled for one of the three choices I had; Nando’s, Absolute Thai and Plan B. I thought the breakfast menu at Plan B could be nice, since I’ve heard good things about it but when I saw the menu, I decided to order The Notorious BIG (RM25) aka the Soft Shell Crab Burger and a Babycino (RM7). I was thinking, well it’s called the Notorious BIG so let’s hope this guy’s gigantic. When it arrived at my table though, I was terribly let down.


When I saw this guy, I thought, “a Big Mac at McDonald’s could be bigger than this”. And I was right, finished it in less than 10 bites. The fries were able to fill me up but that’s not what I expected from a RM25 dish. It was so tiny, I think it was about the size of my palm. The Notorious BIG is essentially a soft shell crab burger with salted egg sauce and cilantro. And that’s about it. I guess the soft shell crab made it into a really expensive burger but this meal made me so sad, it didn’t help that it was raining.

When I left the restaurant, I thought, “There’s a reason it’s called Plan B. Because it will never be my first choice”.

My rate : 5/10

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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