In the process of preparing for my second trip to Seoul, I came up with a list of restaurants and cafes I would like to visit while I was there. Since there were people who asked me for a list of places to eat in Seoul, I thought I should share it on my blog to help anyone else lurking on the internet and asking the same question. I already have a list up somewhere on this blog so here’s another one to keep your mouths busy when you’re in Seoul.


1. Haemul-won Kalguksu 

I came here for a refreshing bowl of seafood kalguksu (knife-cut noodles). At the restaurant, they also serve bibimguksu, dumpling kalguksu and dumplings. I can’t assure you that the dumplings are meat/pork free but the noodles definitely are.

Address : 358 Jong-ro Jongno-gu Seoul
Opening hours : Monday to Sunday, 10AM-9PM
Directions : Get off at Dongmyo subway station, get out of Exit 3 and turn left. You’ll see it as soon as you get there. The signboard is written in Korean.

2. Yeoneosanghoi (All You Can Eat Salmon Sashimi)

I didn’t get to come here when I was in Seoul because the friend who was with me doesn’t like sashimi but this was definitely at the top of my list. This restaurant serves salmon sashimi sets with free refills. You can’t eat alone and you can’t share a set if you want free refills. You can read more about it here and here.

Address : 46-12 Changcheon-dong Seodaemun-gu (Sinchon) Seoul, there are branches in Gangnam, Hongdae and a few more I can’t recall.

3. Sigol Bapsang 

This place was also at the top of my list and I didn’t get a chance to visit (eventhough I passed it a couple of times) but I would recommend it if you want to experience a variety of Korean side dishes. The meat served here isn’t said to be halal, unfortunately.

Address : 738-17 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul
Directions : Get off the subway at Itaewon and get out at Exit 3. From the station, walk towards Hannam station and you’ll find it at the other side of the street on your way. This is the best way to go there because you wouldn’t have to climb up the dreadful hill. You can get out of Hannam station and walk towards Itaewon station if you want.

4. Gosami 

Soybean paste stew

This is a popular place among Malaysians because the restaurant is familiar with Muslim customers so they won’t serve you meat and pork unless you ask for it, if you’re a Muslim. They serve grilled fish, soft tofu stew (soondubu jjigae), soybean paste stew (doenjjang jjigae) and a bunch of other things.

Address : 53-8 Changcheon-dong Seodamun-gu Seoul

5. Samcheongdong Gungmultteokbokki 


I came here because I saw a blogpost on it and it looked really appetizing. This restaurant doesn’t have the full menu in English, the English menu only shows the sets but you can definitely ask someone to guide you through the Korean menu. The person who served me didn’t speak much English but I understood him just fine. You can ask them to remove any spam/ham/meat if there’s any but when I asked about the set I ordered, which is the tteokbokki and twigim, there wasn’t any of those. However, I did get a fried mandu which I wasn’t sure of the fillings so I didn’t eat the rest of the mandu as soon as I bit into it. It tasted like eggs, and chicken, and prawn all at the same time.

Address : 101 Samcheong-ro
Directions : This restaurant is really easy to spot so you’ll find it as long as you’re in Samcheong-dong

6. Bad Farmers 

Avo Cobb salad

I really love salads so when I found out about this place, it was at the top of my list. There’s not much I can say about it but the salad I ordered was SO FREAKING GOOD. It was a very generous and filling amount too.

Address : 523-21 Sinsa-dong Seoul

7. Yang-good Korean BBQ Lamb 


Here’s a very popular Muslim tourist attraction. I brought my Korean friends here and they didn’t know a thing about it. They were very surprised when I told them it’s actually very popular among tourists. If you’re looking for halal Korean barbeque, this is the place to be. They serve lamb and chicken with a bunch of other side dishes like corn ramyeon, soybean paste soup and more, pretty much like an ordinary Korean barbeque restaurant, without the pork and non-halal meat. This place is quite pricey but so is every other Korean barbeque restaurant. They do serve alcohol to fulfill the locals need for alcohol but that’s nothing to worry about.

Address : 15 Nonhyeon-ro 95-gil Yeoksam 1(il)-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul

8. Alchon Albab 


An albab is essentially the sister of bibimbap, except it’s a bowl of rice, dried seaweed, lettuce, fish roe and eggs. You can get it at different spiciness levels or with no spice at all. There’s ham in there so you can ask them to remove it from yours. It’s very filling and affordable!

Address : 56-57 Da-nang Seoul (Ewha Women’s University)

9. Dongdaemun Grilled Fish Street 


At Dongdaemun, there’s an entire food street dedicated to grilled fish and seafood. When you get there, just go into the first few restaurants that you see, or any one that’s open.

Address : Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga Jung-gu Seoul
Directions : For directions, click here.


10. Creamfields 

Earl Grey Cupcake

Three words : BEST CAKES EVER

Address : 33 Yeonhuimat-ro Seodamun-gu (Sinchon)
Directions : I came to this cafe by foot but for easier navigation, getting on a taxi would be easier.

11. Mr Holmes Bakehouse 


If you love croissants, you need to come here. I came at the end of the day so there weren’t a lot of pastries left so for more options, come at around noon. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Address : 34 Apgujeong-ro-10-gil Seoul

12. O’sulloc Tea House 


If you love all things green tea, you would love this place. They have everything from green tea latte to green tea cakes and ice-cream, and a green tea fondue set! They have branches set up almost everywhere. There’s one in Myeongdong, in Samcheongdong and more!

13. Ryan Cafe @ Kakao Friends 

Concept cafes have a bad reputation for awful drinks and pastries (or maybe I’m just skeptical) but this one at Kakao Friends doesn’t disappoint. There’s one in Gangnam and Hongdae, but the flagship store (I think) is in Gangnam.

Address : 429 Gangnam-daero Seoul
Directions : Get off at Gangnam station, get out of Exit 11 or 12 and walk straight towards a huge Giordano. You’ll be able to see it from afar.

14. Yellow Cafe 


If you’ve tried the famous Korean banana milk, you would love this cafe fully dedicated to it! They have lattes, milkshakes and ice-cream.

Location : 2LF Hyundai City Outlet Dongdaemun (next to Doota Mall, opposite Dongdaemun Design Plaza)

15. Innisfree Cafe 

This is my all-time favourite cafe in Seoul. They opened a new branch in Myeongdong and I think it’s better than the one in Samcheongdong!

Phew! That was a long list, wasn’t it! With the addresses, you can search it on Google Maps (download the app!) and mark it with a star so you can easily find it. Google Maps is very useful if you need to find your way to anywhere, you can even use it offline. You can’t search anything offline though, unfortunately. If there’s anything you would like to ask, feel free to comment down below!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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