I’m always late on beauty trends (because I’m not a beauty blogger) but when I do get to try them, I like to give my two cents. The Etude House Double Lasting Foundation is a product that I’ve been wanting to try until I visited Seoul and picked up my own bottle. I tried it out straight away, in the cold and dry winter air and came back to test it out in the heat and humidity. I thought it would be helpful if I provide you with my thoughts and opinions on it so let’s jump right into it.

The one thing I remember about this foundation when I picked it up was that it has really good coverage, and I agree, it definitely has decent coverage. I like to gradually build up my coverage so what I love about this product is that it starts out as pretty light-medium coverage then as you build it up, it can go as far as medium-full coverage. This depends on how much you apply the product and whether you apply it with a brush or a make-up sponge. I’ve tried both methods and I definitely think you’ll be able to achieve better coverage with a make-up sponge, especially if you dot it on your face and stamp it around with the sponge. With that said, this has medium-full buildable coverage. Of course, this depends on how much coverage you need, how much you would typically apply etc.


This product is pretty fluid and watery in my opinion. I doubt it’s actually a water-based foundation (if it actually is then great) but it feels very watery and light, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. In terms of texture, I definitely think this is comparable to the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, which is twice the price of this foundation. Due to the watery consistency, it feels very light and breathable on the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating at all. However, do keep in mind that I wear foundation every day so my definition of what “heavy” is, is different compared to a person who might wear a BB cream or cushion foundation on the daily.

What I like about this foundation are, that it has decent coverage and feels very light on my skin. However, in the winter, it did feel a bit drying and it got very patchy at the end of the day. It would stick to any dry patches and flakiness that I had, especially those around my spots because my spots always tend to flake off. I do think it was because my skin wasn’t hydrated and moisturised properly. I’ve heard good things about this from people with dry skin so it might work differently for you. When my natural oils start to seep through the foundation, I find that the product would mix well with my oils and it would look nice and dewy looking. I would still blot to avoid looking like a hot mess. There have been a couple of times where this foundation would start breaking down and look somewhat patchy or maybe just “loose” on my skin, after a really hot and humid day. So, I don’t have a final say on the staying power because on some days, it looks beautiful on my skin and on some other days, it looks patchy.

Another thing you should know is that this foundation comes in 8 different shades, which is pretty impressive for Korean make-up. I believe Etude House has the largest range of shades among the Korean beauty brands available so 8 shades is pretty spectacular. Korean beauty brands usually come out with two or three. However, the Etude House stores in Malaysia only carry 5 shades. When I walked into the store in Korea, I asked for the darkest shade and the salesperson gave me Amber. I tested it out and it seemed like it matched my skintone under the bright lights but when I got home and tried it out the next day, I would say it is either one or half lighter than my actual skintone. I am a NC42 at MAC and a Barcelona at NARS.

EDIT : I went to MAC the other day and discovered that I’m no longer a NC42. I am now a NC35.

Again, I really think this foundation is a great dupe for the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, which is more than RM200 (under RM300 for sure). It’s pretty similar in terms of coverage and consistency, and the NARS foundation definitely does the same thing with the staying power. On some days, it looks good. On some other days, it looks bad. So, if you’re looking for a dupe for that NARS foundation in particular, this could be a good choice.

I bought this foundation for KRW18 000 which is around RM70, depending on the currency exchange rate. This conversion was derived when the currency exchange rate was RM3.90 for each KRW1 000. However, I’ve seen this foundation in the Etude House stores in Malaysia and it is sold at a flipping RM145! That’s more than twice the price! I would recommend that you purchase this foundation on hermo.myΒ . The prices of the stuff on are quite close to the actual prices in South Korea. This foundation is sold at RM95 (including GST, excluding shipping) on the site, which is not too bad.

I personally like this foundation because of the decent coverage and it’s the only Korean foundation that matches my skintone. I would recommend this foundation to others but it’s definitely not a must-have.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi


    1. Hi Janah, it’s pretty subtle, I would say. It would stick to any make-up tool you use to apply it but you don’t actually smell it when it’s on your face. Glad to know you like the review, I hope it helped πŸ’– – Hani x

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