It is officially May 2017 and that means it’s my birthday month! Birthdays are some of my favourite things to celebrate, especially when I’m being showered by my favourite brands (thanks loyalty programmes!). While I wait to redeem free movie tickets from GSC and a birthday gift from Sephora, I thought I should make a birthday wishlist. These are just some of the things I don’t mind receiving, even though I know the only person who’s gonna gift me these things is myself. I am very into make-up and skincare, we all know this. And now that I’m earning my own money and I can afford a few things myself, I’ve become addicted! There’s just something about skincare and make-up that makes my heart leap with joy, especially when I see some of the most beautiful swatches in the world. It’s a love affair for sure! I have a few luxury items in here too, things that are pretty out of reach but I like to dream anyway. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into the list.


Tarte has come out with some amazing new releases lately! Their Rainforest of The Sea and athleisure collections are to die for! A few months ago, the beautiful brand released their Tarte Pro collection which comes with an eyeshadow palette and a contour & highlight palette. What I’m most excited about from the Tarte Pro collection is, in fact, the Glow To-Go palette. For only RM95, you can get two highlight shades and one contour shade and it’s cutely sized so it’s perfect for travel!


This might be a surprise but I’m not a huge fan of Urban Decay products. Even when the Naked eyeshadow palettes were really big, I wasn’t really interested in them, especially after a few swatches. I am, however, interested in the Naked Skin concealer and correctors. I’ve heard some good things about them, apparently it’s a good alternative to the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer? The one thing I really want from this brand though, is this duochrome eyeshadow from the Moondust collection. Have you seen swatches of this thing? It is AMAZING! It’s a purple and green glitter eyeshadow and because it’s duochrome, from one angle you’ll see purple and from another, you’ll see green and it looks incredibly gorgeous! The only catch to this is that it’s really really expensive. For a single eyeshadow, it’s RM85 (EIGHTY-FIVE FLIPPING RINGGIT). I think there’s a dupe for this from Colourpop, I’m not so sure.


This little guy was recently released within Tarte’s Limited Edition Summer 2017 collection. I actually swatched this at Sephora and it wasn’t exactly impressive. It is a rainbow highlighter, something that has been trending quite a bit in the make-up sphere but when you swatch it, it is merely a silver highlight shade. It’s definitely not as impressive as the Bitter Lace Beauty one but it’s more wearable and it looks pretty in the packaging. I won’t actually get this for myself but it’s nice to have if you’re a make-up junkie.


Moving on from make-up, here’s a skincare item I really want to include in my skincare routine. This is the Missha First Treatment essence, which has been said to be a cheaper alternative to the SKII Facial Treatment essence (which is RM199 for 75ml), but it’s not as rich in ingredients as the SKII, especially because it doesn’t carry the same ingredient. This product is supposed to repair & nourish the skin cells, improve skin elasticity, even out skintone and improve skin texture. Its main ingredients are fermented yeast and niacinamide. Niacinamide is a great ingredient to improve skin tone and texture and a great alternative to vitamin C. I want this ASAP but even when it’s a fraction of the price (RM149 for 150ml) of SKII, I still can’t be whipping out my credit card just because I want it. Priorities.


Here’s another skincare item I can’t whip my credit card out for. It’s the COSRX One Step Pimple pads and patches. I’ve been wanting to change up my facial toner because I want something more effective, something that would treat my skin issues than just do what any ordinary facial toner does. Even though this brand is repped to be a super affordable skincare brand (that works!), it’s definitely not drugstore status. The pimple pads are RM89 for 70 pieces and the pimple patches are RM19.90 per pack. But I want them so bad 😦 (obligatory old-fashioned emoji)


The one thing people don’t know about me is, I don’t wear slippers. I hate them, I feel naked with them on and I trip at least once whenever I do have them on. What I do appreciate, however, are sliders. The Fenty Puma bow sliders are soooo cute. I know it’s super overpriced but I just really like them. No explanation needed.


I’m a big fan of Vivy Yusof and dUCk. In fact, I actually met up with someone who helped come up with the brand and she told me some of the backstory of the brand and it was so fascinating to me. The dUCk brand is quite controversial for putting a high price on their scarves. A lot of people think they’re overpriced, blablabla whatever. Yawn. It’s definitely a luxury brand and as much as I hate to say it, I actually do kinda like it. I’ve touched and stroked them at the FashionValet store and the material feels really nice and soft. I know RM130 for a scarf is pretty steep but if you can afford it, then go for it. The KL scarf, in particular, has caught my eyes but it wasn’t until they released the one in cream that I got all hearteyes over them. These are so difficult to get your hands on and even if you do, it’s a difficult price to pay! I don’t know the price of the KL scarf but I do know their limited/special edition scarves are at least RM300. The pink KL dUCk x Swarovski scarf is RM800!


Okay, here’s the final thing. I’ve never been a fan of the Daniel Wellington watches but when I saw the Classic Petite Melrose collection, I was officially hooked! I don’t have much to say about it other than it’s gold, a nice classic piece and it’s really pretty. The only problem I have with it is the price, obviously. It is a whopping RM800 (less than) and I definitely don’t have that much money to spare. But a girl can only dream! I’m working towards it though. If I could save RM100 for 8 months, I could actually buy it for myself with a 15% discount code (thank you bloggers!)!

So, that was my birthday wishlist. Are any of these things in your own wishlist? Let me know!

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi


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