If you don’t know who Pony is, she is a remarkable make-up artist and beauty Youtuber. I love watching her beauty content because she is so good at what she does and she gives out great make-up tips! She also has her own make-up line called Pony Effect, under Memebox, a Korean cosmetics company. One of my favourite beauty vloggers, Edward Avila, is beyond obsessed with her and he has done a lot of reviews on her products. They are a series of hits and misses but I’ve always been intrigued to check it out. When I got news that she released three new shades for her cushion foundations and one of them would match my skintone, I bit the bullet and got one of them.

Pony Effect has three cushion foundations; the Everlasting cushion foundation, the Longwear Defense cushion foundation and the one I’m reviewing right now, the Coverstay cushion foundation. The Everlasting cushion foundation is targeted towards dry skin and promises a hydrating formula with a dewy/glowy finish, the Longwear Defense promises to help protect the skin from pollution and with the Coverstay cushion foundation, it is targeted towards oily skin and promises an oil-absorbing formula with a matte finish. I have oily and dehydrated skin, but my skin produces a lot of oil throughout the day. Usually by noon, I would have used up one and a half blotting sheets. So I decided to grab the Coverstay cushion foundation and try it out.

I’ve always wanted to try out cushion foundations but it’s really difficult for me to find ones which are medium-full coverage without being too cakey. Korean make-up, in general, doesn’t have a huge range of shades too so it’s really tough for me to find a shade that would match me. I am a MAC NC35, a NARS Barcelona and I like to think that I am a 25 in the Korean skintone numbering system. The shades that the Pony Effect cushion foundations now come in are as below and I obviously picked the darkest shade.

Coverstay Cushion 03

The Pony Effect Coverstay cushion foundation comes in a beautiful rosegold packaging but I can’t necessarily say the same for how the foundation looks on the skin. When I first tried this out, I was more focused on how great the coverage is. Since I have a lot to cover, this foundation isn’t full coverage for me but for the amount that I applied, the coverage is pretty good. I would say it is medium to full coverage but you shouldn’t really build it up because it may begin to look quite cakey on the skin. The texture is really soft and pillowy on the skin, and is blended well with the puff that comes with the foundation. The shade isn’t a true match to my skintone, despite how dark it looks in the picture. It doesn’t oxidise over time to match my skin tone and a warm face powder doesn’t help bring the shade down a notch either. So, I have to use a bronzer with this if I don’t want to look like a ghost.

The mirror that comes with this compact case is of really good quality. It really magnifies your skin and makes every pore and imperfection visible. I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before with this mirror and I think that’s a really nice feature to have because then you would be able to actually see how the foundation is applying and covering, and whatnot.

However, the biggest problem I have with this product is that it is extremely drying! This foundation does promise a matte finish and matte foundations tend to be drying sometimes but this foundation, in particular, is a new level of drying! Even on my oily skin, it becomes patchy within an hour or so. When I first wore it on a full day, I was shocked to look in the mirror at noon and see that the foundation has broken down and separated on my face. When I first put it on, I thought it may look more seamless when my skin has produced some of its natural oils but it only got worse without getting through the day. I’ve tried wearing this when I had a few dry patches on my skin and it really clung to them and made them visible. I actually had to take it off and put on a different foundation because it looked so bad.

I have also tried this when my skin was hydrated and moisturised well, and I had exfoliated my skin the night before. And, the foundation looked really nice and smooth on my skin. It made my skin look almost flawless. It did not break down, it did not become patchy. It lasted me for a good few hours. I didn’t powder my face after putting on the foundation because I didn’t want it to be too dry, and it didn’t absorb much of my oil throughout the day, which I don’t mind because I like the dewy look on my skin anyway. So, I think moisturising and exfoliating are vital to making this foundation work on your skin.

This cushion foundation retails for 39,000 won but it comes with a refill so you’re basically paying 19,500 won for each individual refill plus the compact case and puff. Hermo and ZALORA do carry Pony Effect on their sites but they don’t have the Coverstay cushion foundation. You can, however, find the Everlasting cushion foundation with limited shades on both sites. It retails for RM149 on Hermo and RM175 on ZALORA.

I do wish I had opted for the Everlasting cushion foundation because it has better reviews and is more popular but I’ve made my bed and now I have to lay on it. I’m still really keen on trying it out so I hope I can do that and report to you guys really soon.


Price : 39,000 won
Availability : Only at Memebox stores (in Korea) and websites
Rating : 4.5/10

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi


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