It has been three months since I shared my skincare routine  and since then, I have been trying out new skincare products, going on a skincare diet and going to facials. I have seen a great improvement in my skin since then. I don’t breakout as often anymore. When I do, it goes away quite fast. My skin has been feeling really smooth, supple and looking really healthy despite of my acne scars, which I still have and will continue to have as long as I have acne. The one thing that has contributed to my skin’s massive improvement is getting facials regularly.

I used to never get facials because I know they hurt. They are really painful, especially if you have low tolerance to pain like I do. I am so scared of pain and I always avoid it but when my skin felt really congested in April, I thought facials would help because I needed a professional to deep cleanse skin. So, I went to True Harmony and got my face checked out and taken care of. If you’re not familiar with facials, what they usually do is they would 1) cleanse your face, 2) put on a cleanse-off mask, 3) steam your face, 4) extract all your whiteheads and zits, 5) put on another face mask. At True Harmony, there are two types of facial treatment and I’ve been getting the High Frequency Facial (RM88 per session) where they treat my skin with an LED light to get rid of any existing bacteria, as an additional step. I’ve gone to True Harmony four times since April and I really do notice that as time went by, my skin improves after each session.

I have friends who get facials done quite regularly as well and they’ve seen vast improvements to their skin, and I can bear witness to their skin transforming and improving. If you’re feeling lost with your skin, try consulting a skin specialist and get a facial done. Make sure you go to a reputable facial spa in order to avoid getting scammed. There are far too many spas to choose from nowadays so be really careful and make sure to do your own research. Again, I go to the True Harmony Spa at Westwood Jalan Tabuan, across the road from Basaga Restaurant. I have found them very accommodating too so try giving them a call and make an appointment. You’ll get a discount for your very first appointment.

I wish I have photos to show you just how much my skin has improved but I can’t show you my skin yet because my acne scars and skin texture make my skin look like it hasn’t improved at all!

True Harmony Kuching
No 4-5, Ground Floor,
Westwood, Tabuan Road
93200 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel : +6016-229 6860

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi

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