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When dUCk announced that they’re launching their very own cosmetics line, I was pretty intrigued because they finally decided to join the massive line of local beauty brands. I think they have a lot of potential to fill in the gap that we have in the local beauty industry and since they have a huge following as well, I’m pretty sure they have a lot of eyes on them. Everyone has high expectations, including myself. I was really counting on them to set the bar for the local beauty industry because they do have a lot of potential. However, now that they’ve revealed the products, launched on FashionValet and a store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, I must say I’m not very impressed.


They first revealed their #nofilter Make-up Remover which comes in three different types; Brightening, Hydrating and Refreshing. They market this to be a multi-purpose make-up remover that’s going to be able to remove your make-up, cleanse your face and tone your skin. That’s a long to-do list for one product and as much as I hate to say this, I can already see how it’s going to fall short. A lot of brands have tried to come out with multi-purpose cleansers but they always fall short and I don’t think dUCk is going to be an exception to that. It is an interesting product, it’s different and I think the dUCk team deserves a pat on the back each for that. They didn’t say if it’s an oil, a cream or a gel. I’m not sure how this product is supposed to function but I’m imagining it to be similar to the Nivea 3-in1 Make-up Clear. For RM100, you only get 135ml, which isn’t a lot of product to be honest but for a premium brand, it is expected.


Then, they revealed their Lipstickwitu Lipsticks that come in four different shades; (from the left) Bubbly Carol, Joyful Julie, Pinky Phoebe, Ravishing Janice. I believe they have more shades in-store at Pavilion but not online. These are the only four shades you get online. They market these to be hydrating, nourishing and long-lasting. From what I saw on Vivy Yusof’s Insta-story, they seem very pigmented. And, the cap is magnetic! I’m not interested in how the packaging works but I guess that’s cool. These retail for RM70 each, which is a bit steep if you ask me.


Moving on to their Glossip Girl lipglosses, they come in four different shades; (from the left) Basic Blair, Classy Serena, Lady Eleanor and Sincerely Cece. These are something new we’re seeing from a local brand. I think a lot of people would agree that it’s getting boring to see new local beauty brands come out with more lip products. We’ve seen them a lot for the past year and I think it’s time to move on. However, these lipglosses do look promising. They’re pretty, I really like the look of Classy Serena. I think it’s going to make a really nice lip topper. These retail for RM60, which isn’t too bad.


Then, they revealed their Matte Decisions liquid lipsticks. They come in three shades; (from the left) Dazzling Sookie, Minimally Tracy and Snazzy Stella, and they retail for RM75 each. It’s a little bit more expensive than what you normally see in the local beauty industry but they are expected to be premium priced because it’s dUCk. Again, liquid lipsticks. Boring. And, the shades don’t look that exciting either. However, like I’ve said before, they have more shades in-store at Pavilion.


They also have metallic liquid lipsticks in the shades Fearless Lane and Zealous Zoey. They include this in the Matte Decisions line, which is confusing to me because if it’s not matte, then it shouldn’t be in the Matte Decisions line but I guess there’s more to it. These do look very interesting so I’m looking forward to try them out. I saw their Marketing Executive rock this on her lips for Eid and it looked promising. Just like the matte liquid lipsticks, these retail for RM75 each.


When they’ve revealed all their lipsticks, I was pretty disappointed because it seemed like they’re launching this huge store with just make-up removers and a bunch of lip products. Fortunately, they revealed their All-Eye-Ask eyeshadow palettes that come in Nude and Smokey and retail for RM135 each. However, I can’t say I’m too happy with what I’m seeing. Again, I have high expectations and I really wanted them to launch their cosmetics line with something different and take the opportunity to fill the gap that we have in the local beauty industry. Eyeshadow isn’t something that we see a lot but we are seeing more often, and we’ve seen a nice variety of it from brands like Dida Cosmetics, Nita Cosmetics, FerraRosa and Sofwanah Cosmetics. These are the brands that dUCk is competing in terms of eyeshadows. I remember there was a brand of single eyeshadows on Instagram and the shades that it had were spectacular, but I don’t think they are around anymore.

So, when I saw these two eyeshadow palettes, I was pretty disappointed because they’re both neutral with the exception of a burgundy shade in the Smokey palette. The palettes just look similar to each other and, it seems like they both can be Nude and Smokey on their own. Like, you don’t need both palettes to do different things. You can definitely achieve the same look with only one of the two. I just wished they had come out with more variety because they have so much potential to fill in the gap and I think they failed to do that. I am impressed by the size of the eyeshadow pans though. For RM135, it does seem like you’re gonna get a lot of product.

Like I’ve said, I really wanted dUCk Cosmetics to set the bar for the local beauty industry because they have a huge following, so they have so much potential to do more and provide more for the local beauty industry. I feel like all they did was replicate everything that we already have in the local beauty industry and it’s disappointing to me, that they failed to bring anything crazy new to the table. I am aware that it might not have been easy for them to manufacture these existing products in the first place. I’m pretty sure they tried to come out with other products but I don’t know, these might have come a lot easier to them than maybe coming out with foundation and other face and eye products.

With that said, I don’t think these are terrible. I just think, they could’ve done more and they kind of missed that boat. I hope they come out with more products, especially with the launch of the new store in Pavilion, I’m expecting them to come out with more things and hopefully, more different things because they’re not just competing with local beauty brands, they’re competing with brands in Sephora, NARS, Urban Decay, MAC. The beauty industry is so saturated so if you can’t bring something new and different to the table, you’re not gonna make it far.

I am, however, still looking forward to trying these products out. I’m really interested to see how the #nofilter Make-up Remover is going to perform so watch out for my review. It might not come any soon but I’m going to make it a point to try them out and share my thoughts.

You can get this on FashionValet and their physical dUCk Cosmetics store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Talk again soon,
Hani Lutfi



  1. Too expensive for the local products. And the eyeshadow sgt biasa2. Just same shade like other brand. Maybe duck doesn’t want considered as drugstore. They want to be considered as high end local brand. But is that high end? Just waiting for the review before purchase it. The products are made in china right?


  2. But for duckiessss, they dont mind at all. Just purchase for collection. For meee, i want the best! And worth tu buy… Is it worth? Nt dah beli buat review tau. Hehe. Tq


    1. Hi, Ida. I don’t think it’s fair to compare a local brand that’s just starting out to a brand who has been in the global industry for decades. That’s the reason you only saw me comparing the eyeshadow palettes for example, to the likes of Dida For Women and Nita Cosmetics instead of mega brands like the ones you mentioned.


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