When Fenty Beauty launched their Galaxy collection, I didn’t go to Sephora right away like I did with the debut collection. Instead, I waited for the weekend to go and take a look at the items. So, I went and swatched the stuff and I really wanted one of the lipglosses. Unfortunately, my local Sephora store did not have much of the collection in stock so almost everything was sold out. The lipgloss that I want wasn’t available so I went on the app and purchased it before it was sold out.

My order arrived a week later and the lipgloss wasn’t in pristine condition. There is a crack on the cap and I obviously want an exchange for an undamaged lipgloss. I was already disappointed that I couldn’t try the lipgloss on straight away because that’s what you do when you’re about to return and exchange something. You leave them unopened and unused, especially make-up products. I was already weirded out by the fact that a lipgloss could arrive damaged. This isn’t a bottle of foundation or an eyeshadow palette. This is a lipgloss. It’s so small, tiny and it’s plastic. How could you ever break plastic?

They don’t have an immediate return & exchange system so I had to e-mail them to request for an exchange and they only responded 24 hours later (after I complained about their late response on Twitter), requesting for a photo from me. I was already frustrated by the inefficiency of having to request an exchange, waiting for a response only to be requested a photo and wait for another response. A week later (October 28th, 8:37PM), I still haven’t heard anything from them. I’ve complained about the late response, again, on Twitter. This time, I tagged Sephora US, Sephora Singapore and Sephora Malaysia. Hoping to get some kind of response. Sephora US responded almost immediately and asked for details but they couldn’t do anything about it because they don’t have control over Sephora stores outside the US.

I have complained about the late response on Instagram, again tagging them and still, I haven’t heard any response. Now I’m just pissed. I wasn’t born yesterday and I definitely am not new to online shopping. I’ve never had any bad experience with online shopping and customer service. I’ve dealt with so many customer service personnels. I’ve dealt with ASOS, Audible, ZALORA, FashionValet and they never disappointed me. I was charged by Audible by mistake and I got a refund as soon as they got my e-mail. I’ve exchanged items on ZALORA so many times because they have the best return & exchange system. I’ve used the FashionValet Customer Service Livechat to ask about the availability of an item and they searched and gave me the link. I’ve complained to ASOS about my order arriving later than promised and they sent out a new parcel.

I have never had any problems with customer service, especially not with late responses. This is unacceptable, considering that Sephora is such a renown brand. Are they just lazy and complacent because they know we have almost nowhere to go to buy make-up? I don’t know but I sure am pissed about this. At this rate, I might not want to shop at Sephora anymore.